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“To understand God's thoughts we must study statistics, 

for these are the measure of his purpose.” 
~~Florence Nightingale 

When was the last time you focused on you? How do you spend your personal time? Do you feel like you are caring for others while your health is on the back burner?  

For too long, we have been  watching disturbing trends of increasing incidence of chronic diseases or Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) within the general population and the nursing profession.  The  sad state of our health (of families, communities, and world) has also contributed to nursing burnout and compassion fatigue which has been riding our heels! We tend to keep up with the CDC and WHO reports, but Harvard Nurses Health Study will shape-shift one into a…porcupine!  It is of great concern that  those on the frontline fighting for health are also falling victims to the same diseases we treat.  But don’t let grim statistics catapult you into a fight or flight response.  Statistics can empower you when you let them. We can take a hard look at the numbers and do something about them. By helping ourselves, we will help others.  We are called to be advocates, teachers, role models, and caregivers to others, but we need to learn to be these for ourselves first!  

How chronic diseases have impacted our family:  The rise of chronic diseases has been the cause of many premature deaths and disabilities in families (people of all ages).  They've been a main cause of families going bankrupt, losing their savings, homes, and putting many families at or below the poverty line.  

A good number of people live a restrictive life between their homes, clinics, labs, and hospitals.  Many young children have lost their parent(s) prematurely due to lifestyle illnesses.  Most disturbingly, statistics report many parents will have to bury their children before their own death!  We need to do more about the rise of childhood obesity and other inflammatory processes caused by poor lifestyle habits. The children are our future. 

Impact on our health care:  Chronic diseases are burdening and congesting our healthcare at a level never seen before. We constantly see clients with multiple chronic problems and multi-organ failure having the need for complicated treatments and procedures.  This has proven to be very costly to clients as well as the disease-care institutions. Furthermore, the workplace is set up as such that nurses have an inflated amount of work to do under consistent heavy stress. We use our critical thinking faculties to help keep our clients safe and alive, but often find less time to practice self-care in and outside the workplace.  Nurses have a great deal of knowledge and skill but are not immune from sickness, exhaustion, compassion fatigue and chronic illnesses that may arise due to work/life imbalances.  This puts a heavy strain on everyone!  If nurses aren’t healthy, our communities, nations, and our world suffer.  

Who is to blame?   Putting the blame on someone or something doesn't really help the situation. We have to find solutions that work and can be part of the solution byputting our resources together. Nurses are some of the most practical people and have excellent problem-solving skills. So let's put on our hats and gloves, and get down to the root cause of the problem at hand. 

How to turn this ship around?  Health risk behaviors are unhealthy behaviors one can change. Four of these health risk behaviors—lack of exercise or physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and drinking too much alcohol—cause much of the illness, suffering, and early death related to chronic diseases and conditions (CDC).”  We can best effect change by putting our self-care first.  This puts the power back in our laps! 

Turning the ship around begins with you.  2017 was the year the ANA declared the Year of The Healthy Nurse.  I was elated when this initiative began. Back in the day when I started blogging about nurse self-care, when there seemed to be no discussion about it, I harped on the need for a healthy nurse initiative:  nurse health-first!  We need to ensure this stays in the spotlight. It may seems like a great endeavor, but we will take little steps to get there if we must. 

Nurses have the power to start moving our health beyond statistical projections to a more wholesome living.  The RunningNurse Movement will lead the way.  We will usher in a new wave of nurses leading in health and wellness!  Sign up to learn more and let’s get on the frontline during this National Nurses appreciation week and month!   This noble and great movement will be a game changer!  I believe it will change your life and that of millions all over the world! 

Join in this movement to personally enrich and empowering your community and the world. Let’s make a dent in this chronic disease tsunami that has been lingering far too long! I believe no other healthcare professionals have the power to make serious changes in healthcare like a collective group of nurses.  Click here to sign up and join this amazing movement now!  Share this page with other nurses you know. Please send any questions, comments, or input to Looking forward to hearing from you!

To Your Health!

RunningNurse™ Team

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