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Created to encourage the healthcare provider, particularly nurses, and others to engage more often in physical activity and adopt positive lifestyle changes in order to stay fit and well. I love running, and I know there are many nurses who would like to run but are faced with many challenges–INERTIA being the greatest of them all. It is my hope that this blog would encourage you to run, not only on the unit, but in the great outdoors, and be inspired by the living. Be a RunningNurse(tm)! Help us spread the word that chronic disease need not be taking some many lives. Our Mission also include these:

  • To promote healthy habits, overall wellness, and self-care in nurses and healthcare professionals.
  • To empower people to change their circumstances by engaging more often in activities that promote and sustain health.
  • To encourage Nurses and healthcare professionals to help carry the torch of promoting wellness and good habits of health in their homes, organizations, communities, and the world where we reside.

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