WHAT THE HECK! Here’s For a Moment for Self Promotion…

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STOMPING chronic diseases one step at a time!

In case you’ve just found this website, my name is Ruth, RN.  I graduated from nursing school in 1993.   Yes… long time ago, but seems like yesterday.  ICU nursing was my passion for a couple of decades while another light was growing in my chest.  I watered this passion, daily.  I took it to a couple of countries where I’ve traveled like in Bahamas, Honduras, Spain, Fiji, USA, and dream of taking as far as my legs are strong enough to take me.

In the year 2000 I became a travel nurse, and traveled from the East coast of the USA to West coast.  One common thing that has plagued me since then is that I started noticing how many people were sick because of diseases that could have been prevented.  To my surprise, this included many nurses and healthcare professionals (Yes, doctors too).  They were sick and struggling with such ailments which plagued and oftentimes landed our patient population in the ICU (heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, etc.).  What also greatly troubled me is that healthcare didn’t have much a structure in place to help prevent the recurrence of their clients’ admission into the hospital and their ICUs.  So many of these client whom we locked hard and long hours trying to save, became “frequent fliers.”  I started looking at how much of my work seemed to be ‘too much’ somewhat in vain.

I’ve been promoting health in this circle (patients and nurses), mainly one-on-one, since then when I had a spare minute at work (and this second was hard to find), but today, wherever I go, I try make it a priority to speak about the growing incidence of chronic diseases to whoever is receptive.  I do this person to person, in front of grocery stores, and taken it to organizations such as churches, government, hospitals, and clinics, even free.

Everyone should be aware that adopting simple lifestyle habits like getting wholesome nutrition (notice I didn’t say diet), daily exercise, minimizing stress, non-smoking, getting alcohol consumption down to a very minimum (or none), doing the right line of work suitable for you (following your passion), etc, can make for a healthier person no matter who you are or what you do.  Feel free to add to this list of healthy habits in the comment section below.

Along with teaching health promotion, I love running, writing, singing, yoga, and traveling.  In 2011, I came up with this idea to do something especially beautiful to help promote nurse health, but didn’t have the balls to produce it until in 2013.  Along with this idea, I created a t-shirt suitable for nurses who love running and taking charge of their health.  This is why I say, “RUN BOLD!”  Run with these safety-colors (yellow and green) “I am a RunningNurse™ ” t-shirts, first t-shirt made for the nurse who loves to run, especially running with intention and a great message to other.  They are one of a kind, the first official RunningNurse-specific that is also gender-specific (available in male and female cut).  You will absolutely love it!  This RunningNurse tee is light weight, fits comfortably, sweat resistant, and made in love by a little nurse, me!   SELF-Care is what this RunningNurse™ t-shirt represents.

OYE!  If you need someone to help get your employees fired up about getting on the health/wellness bandwagon, or would like to start a RunningNurse™ group in your town contact me by email.  If you’d like to purchase this well thought  of “I am a RunningNurse™ t-shirt, order yours today right here. Buy it for a friend whom you’d like to see more healthy/fit. This order comes with a free “I am a RunningNurse™” bracelet.  They are two product with a heavy and timely message!  You may also purchase the bracelets separately.

Please share the link. Help me share my passions promoting health in all. Thank you!