“Where is the beef!?” Remember that old Wendy’s commercial which became a catchphrase slogan in 1984–the year my parents flew (no “banana boat” baby) me and my siblings to the USA?  For those of you who can remember that far back in history, it was kinda funny wasn’t it?

So never mind the beef (or chicken, or anything that had a mother and two eyes) because it’s “MEAT-LESS MONDAY!”  And why mad?  Mad because for some unknown reason, except for high-school days, Mondays have always felt like “action” days to me.  So from now on I’m going to call Mondays, “MAD & MEAT-LESS MONDAYS.”

Today, try to do something out of the norm.  Go ahead.  Blow it up!  Bake a nice pie or cake for your nosy neighbor.  Instead of visiting her on Sundays only, spend some time holding granny’s hands at the nursing home or her extended stay this Monday evening after work.  Yes, I know you have too many things to do, but it’s nice now and again to be and feel mad.

Neighbor, for you. :)

Neighbor, for you. :)

And how about this Meat-less Monday part of the challenge?  You have to prepare a meal anyway, don’t you?  Okay, maybe not.  You have the restaurant option), but you have to eat.

I admit this one is a bit easy for me since I’ve been an aspiring vegetarian for decades.  But, now and then I’ll have me some fish, and some of my family likes tempting me with the curried or stew oxtail and boil green banana (My favorite comfort food, yum!) when I visit.  Of course initially I fight like the devil but gracefully cave in for a bite from time to time. You see, there are many fishes in the sea and the ox, well…I imagine, can live without his tail. Ummm… Alright, not a good joke. Yeah, you can go on and use that old catchphrase here on me, “Where is the beef (in the joke)?!” It was a greasy joke (didn’t stick).  Also, it might just seem to some others as promoting animal cruelty.  Some people tend to judge me and call me “freak” for leaving the animal off my plate, so I’m not judging anyone who protects the rights of animals.

Yummy Veggies!

Yummy Veggies!

OYE!  I’ve been an “aspiring vegetarian (not a zealot)” because my system doesn’t take meat so well.  It seems I wasn’t made to digest animal product efficiently.  With a history of uterine fibroidsne and some inherent scorpion ways (Don’t ask!), it’s best I tame myself down with fresh fruits and vegetables.  I guess this makes me… uhmm…”Special?” my family would say (and no pun intended either).  Anyways, how about the challenges? Ever done these? Surprise lovely granny with a nice visit today, and the kids with a Meat-less Monday night supper!  You may want to continue practicing Meat-less Mondays.  Let us know how it went down.  ;)  One last thing.  Studies shows a connection of eating too much meat with increase incidence of chronic diseases.  You know we’re all about STOMPING these.


Have your fill.  There is so much more to choose from.

Have your fill. There is so much more to choose from.

My sacred human responsibility is to follow my heart. This is when I became the music. –☈e´♏a-Ru