Head Above the Wave

I ran 7.11 miles this morning on Fort Lauderdale Las Olas beach.  By the 7th mile I felt myself going under.  I was experiencing what runners call “the wall (ran out of energy),” and I felt myself going below the wave.  On land.

Of course I was guilty of many things.  For one, I had skipped breakfast.  Secondly, I didn’t hydrate myself well.  Guess I thought I was super RunningNurse?

Don’t laugh too hard.  Sometimes I think I’m above the same natural laws that govern everything in this beautiful universe.  You know, the ones that dropped me here–gravity being one that I try to defy by running (the few seconds both feet are off the ground during a run).

I’m not gonna pretend.  That run was a rough one.  It felt mercy-less hot, but my skin turned cold by mile 6–from the tip of my forehead to my ankles.  Goosebumps.  Feet and head were okay because they were covered (hat, socks, and shoes).

But this girl didn’t want to give up.  There is something about me wanting to push through circumstances that try to take me under.  It just sorta goes against my grain to make something, anything (even my own thoughts) control me for a minute.

This attitude could very well take me out someday (and I hope I’m at a ripe good age of 103), but today I pressed to keep my head above the wave, the heavy one that was pulling me to the ground.  In the end, I walked the last mile to complete 8 which I had planned to cover.

photoAs I was dragging my feet and legs across 17th Street bridge, cursing sighing but staying afloat, and praying my body won’t melt into the pavement, a nice elderly man (with a bottle of water in his left hand and the right carrying a plastic bag with some of the same) passed me up having a broad smiled on his face.  I was barely shuffling.  Then he looked back to ask me if I was okay.  I scraped up just enough energy to mumble these few words, “Yeah. Guess I’m going home (what the back of my RunningNurse t-shirt suggests).” “Well, have a good day,”  he said, and kept on walking.   “Boy I wish I had one of those bottled water,” I thought to myself.   And like he heard my thought aloud, the man turned back and offered me one!  It was cold!  If I wasn’t looking so rough and sweaty, I’d given grandpa a big hug and a kiss.  Really.  But I didn’t have the energy.

OYE!  I shamelessly gulped down that water, like a drunk to bottle of whiskey.   Also, I was glad I got out there today, being much more grateful to the nice man who came to my rescue when I needed it most.  As a result, he also reminded me of a few things:

1.  Nature is stronger than I.  Have some respect!

2.  Take care of my body every chance I get.  “Bring some water along next time,” he said.  Especially double up in this here South Florida heat.  I KNOW THIS!

3.  People are basically beautiful and good!  For this I am very grateful.