Burst Open The Prison Doors

Why do you stay in prison
When the door is so wide open?”
Rumi, The Essential Rumi

It has been a sad week for many because of Robin Williams passing.  I Hate to see a brother end life because things were unbearable.  No one knows the contract we make with life in the darkness of our mother’s womb or in the light of day.  This is why I cannot judge anyone here.  What Robin Williams did was between him and his maker.

I’m just so happy he was in our lives and made us laugh and breathe in joy.  He created many things!  Especially moments where we were able to laugh and let out stifling stale air–the kind that asphyxiates one.

If anything, Robin Williams taught us to do what we do with our whole heart.  He was fully engaged in life and it overflowed to death.  So what? Well, I am sad he won’t be around to create more beautiful things, but I can look at his life and be in true appreciation for the beautiful human he was.

We don’t always get things right. I guess this is why we’re human. A peculiar creation of God.  And so it is with great love and appreciation for his art I respect him fully.  He did what he wanted to do, even up to his death.  God’s mercy is on all of us.

At times life’s roads get winding and rough.  Oftentimes when we make it out of the maze of a negative situation, and are conscious of the journey and the growing because of said situations, we come out taller and with more wisdom of the situation to deal with matter (hopefully) the next time the bugger presents itself again (and it probably will).

Depression can be complicated and can plague anyone.  Many things can contribute to it including suffering from other chronic illness, medications, illicit drugs, alcohol, psychotic disorders, chemical imbalances and many other things.  If left unchecked, depression can be a chronic disease that’s unpredictable and may led to suicide.  Some people are tortured by their recurring emotions on a daily basis.  Many Americans and people around the world feel trapped in this prison.  Where as many people may bounce back, take control, and open their mind’s door to deal with their depression, some 39,000 people commit suicide yearly in America. 

Being out in the Sun, getting adequate rest, and a host of healthy habits like regular exercises–running being one of them–can helped keep some people’s level of depression down and make life look more colorful and open.  I was told that this applies to the kind of transient depression like say due to your man or woman leaving you (because you finally recognize there are other fishes in the sea and you moved on), or your pet raccoon died.  But even these things may be experienced differently by everyone.  There is a clinical depression that is more hard-core and some people have to resort to psychotherapy and taking medications (unfortunately some of the same that may cause one to feel depressed and suicidal).  One may argue about medications, but I believe it’s good that we do have drug options too.  More option.  ‘Mo better? 

OYE! Sometimes the happiest looking people may have problem with depression and mask it well.  When we see someone like Robin Williams who has us brought much laughter, even the kind that makes one cry sometimes, go down the road of suicide, we become disheartened.   And this is when life jabs at you, pelting you in the corner like a prisoner where you feel you don’t know a damn thing.  I don’t know how you felt when you heard the news, but I felt the harsh concrete pressing against my running shoes, and a hard wall against my back.  Rest in peace Robin.  Blessed were his works.  Pésame to his entire family for such great a loss.  Lift up your heads.  Open your hearts.  May God dispatch the Spirit of peace on your souls and a good remembrance of Robin Williams and his beautiful ways.   All I know is that he was a Gangster of Love!

“Be melting snow.
Wash yourself of yourself.”
Rumi, The Essential Rumi