Okay, Pause. Now Reset!

On this Saturday I like to pause to contemplate my blessings. And they are too many to list, but among the top are family and friends who are there for me, and even the ones who don’t give a damn–I’m just glad to be among the land of the living, loving, and breathing…

Days like these I like to pause and reset my mind so that if I was dragging any processes all week (worries, fears, anxieties, disgruntled feeling, etc.), I’d let go or park these at the nosy neighbor’s door just before sunset on Friday evenings.  And I intend to leave them there too.

A pause is a temporary stop in action, and this temporary stop in action I purposefully observe on the 7th day of the week.  At this time, I reboot and reset my mind on what’s important, like nurturing and nourishing my spirit.  You  know, it’s time to shape me a bit more, spiritually.

Some people’s custom is to spend the entire day in church, but this hasn’t worked much for me.  Sabbath days are building block for my temples, and although I truly enjoy the music and the socializing that goes on under the roof of the church environment, I often thrive better when I skip service (Sorry Bishop!).  I find spending the whole day in church leaves little time for the body to rest, and this rest is very important for my to function optimally during the coming week.

Yes, no running on this day.  In the past, I’ve slacked off a few times, but found my tank to be rather empty the next week.  Now you may think I feel this way because it’s been my religious health custom since birth to observe my Sabbaths, but phasing out the “religious” part, the earth and everything in the universe functions in cycle.  Once I read where the earth replenishes on the 7th day, and we all know we have a new body every 7 years, and the days of the week are 7.  There is something very special about the number 7.  “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holly.  Six days shall thou labor and do all thy work (Exodus 20:8),”  and so on the Seventh Day Sabbath I join in some very powerful earthly processes already in place and taking place.

OYE. We are made of earth (organic) materials, and for this, the processes going on in this universe do affect us just as it does the plants and every living thing here.  In contemplating this truth, maybe the Jews who keep Saturday Sabbaths (It might be one of the best kept secrets!) are on to something good, but the Romans who call it “Dies Saturni or Saturn day,” after their pagan god of agriculture (ruler of time), may have also recognized something good.   Saturn (nicknamed Jewel of the solar system), with it’s 7 named awe-inspiring rings (the one the visible eyes can see), is the sixth planet from the sun.  What this has to do with how I run?  Well, it’s a mystery, but I feel refreshed and ready to face my run-week.  Just though I would share.  When the sun goes down on Saturday is when my week begins.  You’ll find my system refreshed and reset to face the week, on the road.  Do you have a Sabbath Day of rest?  If so, how has it benefited you?