Feeling Stuck? How About Taking Your Sole With You?

Ever felt stuck, like you’re going nowhere?  Do you feel like doing more or being more?  Feel like you’ve left your soul behind?  You’ve been thinking about taking the rebel route but don’t know how or when to let go?  How about you stop torturing yourself, start planning, and do what your heart says to do now.  Start running.

Getting unstuck is a process.  Depending on what it is you’re trying to say good by to, or what adventure you’re savoring in your mind, it could take some time.  Be patient!   Get a Plan of Care (POC).  In nursing, it is the standardized model describing the nursing process (assessment, diagnosis, outcome/planning, intervention, and evaluation) we use to carry out care for our patients on a day to day basis.

I started running right out of nursing school after landing my first RN job at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.  Prior to this, my routine was mainly brisk walking/running with my classmate and college roommate, Sonya.  The miles slowly increased to 2 miles until moving to Huntsville Alabama to pursue a degree in Biology.  Then a nutritionist classmate and friend of mine, Chrissie, scoffed at the measly 2 miles I ran/walked 3 times a week, and hurt my colorful ego.  But she didn’t leave me on that cold pavement with my ego bleeding.  Instead, Christina ran with me, albeit teasing me all the time, pushing, and helped me bump up my running miles to a solid number of 3.  Of course I was wearing large patches of band-aid across my ego, but I was very grateful.

I felt real good about the miles I was clocking.  At first I was comfy with my routine, but soon found myself sliding into a comma.  I didn’t know what to do so I hung in there.  After graduation, I moved back to a remote little town in Texas where my sister Sarah encouraged me to turn my running game up even more. Gestapo!  She was rougher than Chrissie. One day when we ran my bones were squeaking, and my blood sugar dropped to 2mg/dl (Well, it felt like it).  The girl was flying and I tried keeping up with her, but my right shoelace came loose so I bent down in the grass to tie it.  At looking back, there was no sign of me.  She thought the aliens came and whisked me away–sometimes strange things happened there–but of course, she wasn’t that lucky.  About 800 meters down the road, squinting, Sarah zoomed in on me.  I was flat on my back in a patch of green grass. Breathing. My big sister did not let up. Giving up wasn’t an option.   Years later I can also credit her for helping me get over the fear of running my first marathon. I set out to prove to her I was no chicken.  It worked.  For this I am also grateful.

Getting unstuck can put you through hurdles–making you feel like you’re right where you were yesterday, three years, even forty years ago.  Still, change begins by putting one foot ahead of the other, no matter the time nor pace.  If you have good friends or family members wanting to help you, tap into them too.  What the heck, use them!  There is power in numbers!

OYE!  One night after feeling like my life was going round and around like a hamster in a cage, I dreamed someone told me the way to get my feet unstuck and build my dreams is through the follows:  Openness, Slowness, and Confidence.  The dream was so loud that I jumped up and wrote those words in my diary a couple years ago. You have to blooming know I’ve been trying to master these suggestions ever since.  Have the patience to work through the problem of your soul.  First brainstorm what makes you feel stuck.  Is it your self-imposed limitation and attachments?  Are you tired of doing what you’re doing?  Exhausted where you are in life, and whom you’re with?  Get to the root of what’s causing these things and why you wish to step outside the door.  Spending most of my days within four walls in a hospital instead of depositing most of my time following my passions and creativity took a toll on me.  I love nursing, but my passion was evolving to teaching and promoting wellness.  So, for years I’ve been working on letting go.  It may seem bleak sometimes, but with openness, slowness, and confidence, start moving your feet, and take the sole of your shoes too.