Stroll at Gumbalimba Park in West End, Roatan

The last day I met with the Oak Ridge/Pandy Town running/walk group was last week, a day after our Gumbalimba Park cross training (cheating?) stroll in West End. In the park, we hiked, fed the monkeys, learned about Roatan history, and swam in the pool half the day. The group promised they’d continue even after I leave, but it seems they’ve dwindled down to two people making an effort.  I felt a bit disappointed about this, but happy for any progress still.

Now more than ever, this RunningNurse remains encouraged to keep pressing the grounds promoting health.  You see, I know why I do it.  It’s not only because I lost my dear mother to a chronic disease prematurely, nor that I’ve spent 21 years in the profession of nursing and witness the terrible impact poor lifestyle habits have on our families.  I do it mainly because my heart tells me it’s the right thing to do.  So help me God!

For the past few days, my internet has been down.  My days were spent caring for my father in the morning, then hanging out with my nieces (twins) and nephew in the evening.  We explored the island, particularly swimming just about every day except for on Saturdays.  My dear father would have had another stroke or would have run his red & black wheelchair over us.  Sabbaths is for rest.  Try telling three restless and constantly, “I’m bored,” teenagers that.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to show my nieces and nephew a few things about Island life.  My sister Sarah took her a mental break, but we made sure she spent some time in the kitchen.  It always makes my tummy and heart happy to see her up in there.   The only disappointment I had with the little rascals is, they would not dance in the rain with me.

IMG_7058Getting back to Gumbalimba Park… It normally costs $30 a person, and half off for kids 12 and younger.  Since it was a truck-load (village moment?) of us who showed up, and things are also economically rough here for locals, we got a generous group discount approved by the park manager.   He also gave us a great tour guide, WIlliam.  I promised myself I’d go back for the zip-line ride someday soon.  Gumbalimba Park is not only a beautiful well-manicured place with beautiful people, but the animals (monkeys, parrots, iguanas, hummingbirds, turtles, birds, flowers, insect museum, wild hens, island rabbits, pirate cave, etc) were very nice too.  Out of all the paces we’ve visited with the kids so far, Gumbalimba Park was absolutely their favorite.  Well, they all fit in well with the primates.

OYE!  The fact that things never stays the same is of great encouragement to me.  The 3 little boogers (nieces and nephew) seems to be growing up some (age 12, and 13×2).  We’ve been having a wonderful time while here in Roatan, and I’ll definitely miss them when I leave this coming Saturday, but I’ll also miss the folks in Oak Ridge/Pandy Town who encouraged me.  There are some islanders who are trying to get back on the road to health.  Thanks for your engagement and your courage in doing your part to help STOMP CHRONIC DISEASES ONE STEP AT A TIME.


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