Just Another Day In Paradise…

ONLY IN HONDURAS?  Today, my musical  mind kept playing the tune to one of my favorite Phil Collins song, just “Another Day in Paradise.”

I was supposed to speak at the local Mayor’s office this afternoon on ‘The Health of Santos Guardiola Municipal is The Wealth of Santos Guardiola Municipal,’ and drop a healthy lifestyle habit program on those officials, but the mainland government this morning, in lieu of the Honduras vs Switzerland soccer game today, gave orders to shut the offices down at 12pm so everyone can go home to watch the game and help cheer this country to victory.  But sometime after 10 AM, the Roatan Electric Company (RECO) went south (Off–a routine hap’nin.  It also blew my nephew’s X-Box 360 ), and of course the cable company followed.  For h-o-u-r-s.

About the soccer game?  Well, I couldn’t watch it either.  Had two strike against me–no electricity, and when the electricity came back on much later, still no cable TV reception.  It’s been quiet around here after Honduras soccer team lost 0-3 to the Swiss people.  No doubt some egos have to be mended in this beautiful land, but meanwhile, this RunningNurse hopes to run with her message tomorrow on the rescheduled  3:00 PM slot.  Let’s see what joy and fun another day in paradise brings after our early morning Oak Ridge/Pandy Town run.

OYE! If you’re considering the island life, among other things, you need to be open, flexible, and laid back.  You can plan all you want until the fishes come home, but things will happen only in ‘Godly island time.’  This here ain’t no place for any ‘Type A Personalities’ unless you’re on a unique mission, in island lingo, to “catch” a heart attack or a stroke!  I’ll tell you, we have enough chronic diseases around here and little resources (emergency medical intervention, functioning ICU, doctors,  health promotion/disease prevention programs, etc) to deal with them.  Just saying… If you cant handle the grass on this side, step aside.  For now, this somewhat high-strung ICU nurse  will stick with what has been helping to sedate her just a bit… couple hours of swimming in the sea, and a heavy-duty mantra.