Running in Roatan: Oak Ridge/Pandy Town Area

If a very small minority on this island are interested in the possibility of getting healthy and fit, I will try to help by being the best RunningNurse to them.  It’s good to see people stepping up to the plate in the Oak Ridge/Pandy Town community to take charge of their health.  They are also setting good examples for other to follow.  I am looking forward to our 3rd training session for the week tomorrow in Oak Ridge/Pandy Town area.  You’re most certainly welcome to join us.

Many of you know Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, and although things are not so bad here in Roatan as in the mainland, crimes such as robbery and theft are on the rise.  We recently had a robbery which ended up as a murder of a crewman of Norwegian Cruise Ship.  I heard that public officials are trying to control these sort of situation.

Despite our problems, tourists are welcome and a system is in place to help keep you as safe as possible.  Just be mindful not to be walking the streets with iPads, iPhones and other high-tech gadgets.  Also, walk with company.

For years I ran the Calabash Bight Bay-to-Diamond Rock landing by myself (Well, not exactly.  The birds, bumble bees and crabs also claimed the road.), and it was very seldom I ever saw another person along that lonely road except for a few men cutting bush with large machetes.  For some reason, I’ve never been fearful of this route until recently.  Everyone has been discouraging me on running this route because there are some “bad boys” trying to terrorize people on that side, they said.

One revolution on that trail consists of 4 miles.  And they weren’t easy miles either.  The terrain is rough and rugged with hills and lots of rocks and gravels.  Running that road kept me in tip-top fitness, so I sure miss it.  Now I only look across the bay and imagine myself on the trail.

photo 3For the moment, my group and I will have to run the Oak Ridge/Pandy Town route, not as challenging as over yonder, but we do have to climb a couple of hill.  It’s also encouraging because there are other people caring about their health in this region who put more effort into exercising than just walking next door.

OYE!  I only pray the new officials of the land would get a better hold of whoever is causing much of the ruction on this little island so people can go back to being in less fear (locals and visitors).  If you are a runner and are looking for a place to run or simply walk, finding a safe route may be a bit difficult on this island, but there are some places, and Oak Ridge/Pandy Town is one you may have to take a stroll in.


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