Sometimes you have to lay down your burden and surrender (crucify) them to the truth of the matter—which if contemplated deeply, you’ll find they are only thoughts.  Otherwise, how can one have atonement and exist in the space where Love finds you worthy to point you to the way out of your desert (resurrection)?

My Christian upbringing taught me the story of a certain people called Jews who wondered in the desert for 40 years sacrificing animals and all sort of antics, until Love found them worthy and opened way.  Later came along a Jewel descendant, a figure who some thought was a heretic and a mad-man, Jesus, the same one who, as we celebrate the laying down (surrendering) and taking up (resurrection) of his life this past weekend, opened the Christian door of atonement in 3 measly days!  I’m so happy he found a better way of fixing the situation.

Often the younger generation tends to invent new devices that drastically seems to improve the old ways of doing things: horse buggies vs car; gas cars vs electric cars; sending messages by the sound of the drum (or in a bottle) vs FedEx overnight; telephone land line vs telepathy.  You got the point.

I read where atonement came after Jesus surrendered to the cross, and I also read somewhere that if you break down the same word, you’ll get at-one-ment.  But atonement with what?

Oftentimes I’ve found myself wondering in the desert of doubt, fear, and disenchantment with people, things, systems, and myself. It’s not until I slide into the “I am grateful” zone, the time spent in my desert becomes shorter.  It would be total adulterated madness on anyone’s part to want to spend forty years in any blooming desert.  In the desert, if you keep your eyes open, you can learn many great lessons.  But still, we work through our need-to-wonder-around issues.  I don’t know about you, but it is only when I start having deep compassion for myself, and begin making effort to navigate out of the outdated mental exercises of doing the same damn thing over and over again (with the same mindset), something changes.  Being grateful for what I have—even if it’s only two red beans to plant on this platform, puts me on a higher plane than that of seeing lack in people (including myself), places, and things.

OYE!  My sister Sarah once said to me, “You know you are homeless!” but I was only trying to find my place in this world.  A place not built with hammer, nails, and hands.  This is where I’d like to surrender.  I guess this is one of the reasons why I run. I fear if I’m not doing things for the right reason, authentically from the heart, how could Love be resurrected daily in me?  And it’s a hard feeling to shake when you do things out of any other reason than for Love.  So on this Resurrection to Love Sunday, let’s make ourselves happy and grateful for the little things.  You may not be in the best shape and health you wish to be in, but at least you have two feet to take to the streets (or beach) running.  Do this today, allow yourself to feel renewed (clean the cobweb of useless sentiment in your mind), and be as a child again. Today, play like you’ve never played before. This is one of the benefits of surrendering and resurrecting.  Let’s keep it practical and simple, especially today! Last night I ran 4.2 miles with this resolve.  The first 3.1 miles (a virtual 5K) was done in joining forces with Dream Run, a Running Nurse from Australia, to help raise awareness of stroke prevention.  I absolutely felt great!