The Receiving


It is with great joy I got dressed yesterday and headed out on the road for a run.  I’d planned to seize the terrain and stomp-out 5 good miles. But I guess I was April-fooling myself (Roatanians calls it Tom Fool day), because my body was not ready to hit those miles yet, especially in 80 °F weather outside at 430pm. Image 4

My running started off in pure beauty and light.  I felt new, and was excited to see what little creatures (including flowers) that would come out to greet me. They usually do.  This time, this little one came out when the last 0.1 miles of my run almost took me out.  )===================>>>

This is what happens in life sometimes…  When we’re at the end of a journey we’ve been traveling on for a while, and are approaching this period of time with hopes, maybe, to begin another adventure, the last mile or so could take you down if you let it.  Literally!  And this almost happened to me as I turned the corner of the block and noticed I had 0.1 miles left to go yesterday.  I’d already made up my mind that the 5 miles was out of the question, and you think that would be juice enough for jubilation and energy to finish without agony. But even at the last 0.1 mile of my way, my joy for running became faint, the mind wanted to shut down and go out on a strike, and my feet wanted to follow.

Sometimes when you think you have nothing left in you, and you feel the mounting obstacles you must overcome to drag yourself to run a 5K (3.1 miles), or even those obstacles hindering you from going into the joint to work a long 12 hour shift, is when you have the opportunity to pause and ask yourself a few things:

1.  Why am I doing this?

2.  What do I need to let go to overcome this obstacle, and see my opportunity here?

3.  How do I let go?

After I turned the corner and saw what was left to run, I completely let go of the need to do 5 miles (because the idea of it was still nagging the hell outta me), and I decided to re-focus my mind on just finishing without aiming for Personal Record (PR) or focusing on time.  I took that 0.1 mile, which had my bottom lip dragging on the ground with the idea of still having a bit to go, and stuck to one of my original intention of enjoy a nice run and nature too.  In doing this, I received a good bit of fuel for my run, enough for my need. And I did it!

OYE!  I recognize I have to put myself in the position of receiving more often.  God, Nature, the mind, are all there to give our body the support it needs to receive aid when required.  If you ever run a marathon and decided you will finish the blooming thing no matter if your teeth fell out of your head onto the pavement, and you keep trucking on, you will acknowledge the moment your last retarded foot crossed the finish line to be a miracle.  There are things that prop themselves like obstacles in our way, mostly within us.  Having the courage to press on puts us in the position of receiving, and oftentimes they appear like miracles.  In doing this, we stretch our limits, and discover ourselves to be more expansive than the limits we place on our selves.  I am learning this on a regular basis–how to receive my daily bread.  If you have any light to shed on the subject of receiving, feel free to start a dialogue here.  It would be good to hear from you!