The Letting Go

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”
―Ann Landers

The past week I’ve felt the high vibrations of the season coming into play, and if you become an observer, you can see these too:  birds singing, ducks swimming, squirrels… well, hugging (I’ve never seen this one before)?  A host of creatures like butterflies, dragon flies, and yes, blooming mosquitoes (not letting go, but serving a purpose too, I told myself) were all out and about their instinctual business.

Yesterday evening I spent quite a while at the T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee park):  cycled for 10 miles (5 complete revolutions), ran 2 miles, and did resistance training in the park’s free outdoor gym, courtesy of Memorial Healthcare System.

The squirrel before he let go. :) I hope I’m not violating a privacy act here.

Visiting parks helps me feel a strong connection to nature as does hanging out on the beach.  At such places, not only do you get to observe nature at it’s best, but you get to interact with people mostly at their best.  In the outdoors, everyone seems to have a light and playful spirit.

While deeply immersed in my observation I thought, how can one not let go in such atmosphere?   In retrospect, I see where I’ve spent too much of my life engaging in distasteful activities such as worrying, being too serious about life, religion, education, work, and even some dead-end relationships.  Why the heck do we sweat the small stuff anyways?  I know… it’s one good question to ask when trying to come to our senses.  Just posing such question may cause one to laugh at our seemingly asinine ways.

For years with open eyes I’ve witnessed many ills, especially in the environment where I spent half of my life seeing people get better, many times only to come back to die–oftentimes in a drastic way (chest cracked; tubes on/in every orifice of their fragile body, etc).  The young and the old are suffering.  And for years I wonder if the work is significant enough for me to keep moving in the same direction.  But, the way to any resolution of this sort has been hard for me.

Letting go can be a two edged-sword, but it is often required to create something new in life.  And so with much struggling, agony, and putting blame on burnout, the institution, the system, the boss, the man, etc, I recognize what motivates one to be in an environment–to engage in certain activities–all soon remains emptiness, if it’s not for love.

And this emptiness seems to knock at unusual times (sitting on the toilet, laying in bed, sipping on a cup of tea…) when you need to be focusing on other important businesses like practicing for that Saturday night Salsa dance.  Emptiness could give you the feeling of abandonment, depression, and powerlessness, but when and if you look closer, you may see a faint trace of the soul trying to bring wholeness into your existence.  This is what I found to be true.

And so I am opting out of the system, to focus on Love.  If this thing called Love is surely to guide me home, I am letting go to believe in love, accept the call of love, surrender to the path of love, while I trust in Divine Love to guide me home.  This is my MAD method. I hope you continue to join me on my personal journey.

OYE!    My intention is clearly to give all I can spreading the word that chronic diseases can be prevented, and to help raise the awareness that nurses, doctors, and healthcare systems would do best to work at the root cause of our ills rather than intensely focusing on disease management.  Our healthcare system appears basically terminal if we don’t make a more lasting change and focus on wellness.  I was told there is a receiving when one let go to give, so let the chips fall where they will!



I once saw a Falcon in my dream and
it said to me, “The eyes of Creation are watching over you.”
But high level of indoctrination and institutionalization
kept me in the old worn-out shoe,
the kind that makes the foot hurt and
you don’t want to travel that dispirited road
any longer

My mother taught me that
when the Spirit stops knocking
it takes away all the charm, abundance, and
gifts it gave you when you set foot on earth

Life itself is counted a gift,
but when you are living-dead, or are the dead-living,
you just can’t smell the roses any more or
see the vibrating living color of the bold sunflower nor
behold the silky petals of a determined pink lotus
You can’t taste the sweetness of the honey in the honeycomb
You no longer hear the inspirational music of the universe
You find everything you touch morbidly cold

Just the other day, at the clearness of the Eleventh hour,
I went down to the well and
saw my reflection in the stillness of the water
It’s a miracle when the living-dead grasp
a glimpse of the Divine;
It awakens into the Light of life
and let go of everything
to fall in love

They tell me no greater work has the Master done
than laying down his life for a friend…
But I saw it clearly,
no greater deed would be done
hadn’t the Master himself let go
It is in the letting go that
miracles unfold!
©  2014 Poetry by  ☈a-Ru