Power of Restoration

Restoration process occurs moment by moment in our body.  It’s a main driving force in our biological system and this great universe. Our body is always trying to repair and bring balance and harmony to the system. Most times we can’t see it, but restoration is there at work.  Each individual cell of the body pursues fulfillment and wholeness–something totally meaningful and full of Light, through a complex network of unseen forces. I start to ponder why we can’t do the same when it comes to ordering our own life..?

Restoration means a “return to a normal or healthy condition.”  Not knocking it, but in this age of stem cell-restoration of hair and plastic surgery, they charge quite a bit to bring you back to what I call “retro-aesthetic (trying to look like we did years ago:)” wholeness.

Man can slave for long periods of time tampering with stem cell technology in a lab until it is perfected to their liking, but the body has a natural restorative process that it undergoes quite immediately and with great precision for most of our “real” problems.  It’s directedly conscious.  The best things are: it is quite accurate, time-efficient, and FREE OF CHARGE!  For instance, when we get a cut there is a biological intelligence that immediately starts the restorative process.  As time goes by (seconds/minutes) the clotting factor is at work (maybe even before the cut?),  then there is a light formation of scab (in hours), fibrous scab forms in days, and then a healthy tissue will form (days/weeks).  At some point, you may or may not see trace of such insult or injury.

It sure helps when you put your body in the position to properly heal: good nutrition, positive state of mind, daily exercise, sunlight, sleep, meditation, etc, all of which strengthen and enhances the major systems that comes out to play when you are sick: immune system, circulatory systems, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc.

Yesterday I decided to shoeshave my first post-fracture run.  I took it very slowly, not to undo what my body has done to restore my left 4th metatarsal back to health. Even though I ran almost at a walking pace (average 11:54 min miles), thanks to that bone restoration, I ran without feeling any pain.  I was elated during my run and completed it in 36:54 minutes.  Oh, and without drama and trauma.

OYE!  I recognize there are many things in our lives that could use some restoration: among others, relationships, passions, a child-like faith, integrity, peace, joy, courage, determination, discipline, and self compassion.  Restoration is transformative, but we cannot become transformed unless we moment-by-moment or daily restore/renew our heart, mind, and Spirit.   While running I used these four words as a prayer (mantra):  courage, determination, discipline, and compassion. I recognize the importance of practicing good lifestyle habits to help the body’s restorative processes, but I find that words also tend to restore, so I ran the entire time focusing on these.  Tell me, what words have you used lately to help restore your peace?