REBEL ROUTE: Stepping Into the Unknown, and Letting Go


Every dog has a day.  This saying goes back as far as Queen Elizabeth First.  I think it started as something positive, as in referring to having a period of time when a person was in power, but that time has come and is gone.  And depending on who is interpreting the deal, I think it’s prudent to look forward to another day.  We pray a good one.

It’s a new day, and with it comes many new moments.  In 2011, I starting to have a reverence for change, which seems to be the only constant in my life then, and still holds true.  Sometimes you have to embrace change, not placing boundaries on your life.  My Creator above all, I also have reverence for freedom, family, friends, the children, and lately, my own gifts.

For a long time I haven’t loved myself enough to stop dishonoring my own gifts, letting go, to experience the freedom of really giving and existing totally from the heart.

“I don’t know a damn thing,” I recently said to a friend of mine, “I only feel the time is right for me to have another experience in life, leaving what’s  sure (although an illusion) behind and dashing in the unknown.

My folks once told me that man makes his plans, God guides, and His purpose will prevail.  Instead of nursing two or three sick clients in a hospital, a  beautiful and worthy experience, it is time I focus on nurturing myself. The start of this journey took a long time coming, but the call has been there for a while.  I have this deep-rooted feeling that if I give of myself, and give my best, I will experience more bliss.

Work of the handsThis blog was birthed in the energy of running–to give.  This RunningNurse website was created for the bridging of my own soul, to give to you a bit of what was bestowed on me since birth.  If you’re feeling lost in your filed of work, it is important, life-giving, and healthy to restore your Love and share what you have.  In this way, nothing or no one else will take charge of your life.

This portal helps keep me COMMITTED to the cause of running, not just as a grounding meditation, but to tell the world that chronic diseases, the ones that have stolen many people’s health, joy, and made them co-dependent on a medical system, can be prevented if you adopt good habits of health and also give yourself the chance to LOVE.  And when you love yourself, you would want to treat your house, body, family, etc, with such respect and care.

OYE!  In mentioning love, I would remind you that Loving has everything to do with health.  Let’s stop dishonoring our gifts and desires.  Respect yourself and love you enough.   I’m on this 180 degree journey.  I’m not sure how any of this will pen out, but rest assure I’ll be bringing you a report.  For now, I’m going to be still in the commitment of this single path:  running to stomp chronic diseases everywhere.  To morrow I start my running once again.  It’s been 3 months since my last metatarsal fracture, but I consider myself truly blessed.