Take Off Your Mask!


You were born of an everlasting Light

So why do you hide your beautiful face in the darkness?

Why do you hang on to that bondage?

Let your true countenance be revealed

Take off your mask!


I came to you in the chill of your midnight

When you needed a heavy blanket of shielding

But in your dreaming, you fell

Deeply attached to my humble covering

Something that will not keep you warm

But for a short and transient season


The sadness on your face is not everlasting

The madness you easily project is not omnipresent

That sly smile does not disguise

That your world is not what you say it is

The mask is there, and guess what?

You’re not its first victim


OYE!  I would gladly suggest you run down the river

Wash and cleanse your hands in devotion

Say a prayer to the benevolent Origin then

Take off the cumbersome outwards camouflage

…but it’s easier said than done

For someone cursed the day they saw our spectacular nakedness

And since then, many have been wearing

A distasteful mask of ignorance


©  2014   Re♏a•Ru