The Reconnection (Part 1)

“If we want to solve a problem that we have never solved before, we must leave the door to the unknown ajar. “— Richard P. Feynman

Leaving the door ajar is exactly what we do as children.  It is not until the boogie man approaches with a weird wand in his hand to cloud our perception and induce us to close our minds to anything else than what they teach us at home, in Sabbath School, or in the schools where people are not encouraged to think creatively or constructively.

From childhood I felt everyone and everything were connected.  Many nights, in Roatan, I would lay outdoor on my back, steering into the dark blue star-sparkling sky, basking in this feeling.  I imagined I was one of the stars, no doubt a seriously displaced one.  This is when I started troubling my imagination.

Another troubling matter is that in recent decades chronic illnesses, and other diseases, have increased dramatically.  The causes?  Well, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, and researchers have cited many contributing factors–some strange and other reasonable, but not too many have delved into the nature of who we are to help solve some of these complex problems.  Instead, we are taught we need something from the outside like pills, the surgical knife, or complex procedures to fix us. 

Then the disconnected Western way of living; not knowing our blueprint–who we are; ignorance of our intimate connection to earth’s surface and to this amazing universe where we rent a space, for a short time, in time, hasn’t been considered as possible problems either.  What do you think?

Biology has always been my favorite subjects.  This is exactly why I ditched the last two years of a curriculum in nursing (was bored down to my socks with the politics of administration) and grabbed me a BS in Biology.  The intricacies (amazing details) of biological systems such as the human body and those of other earthly creatures proved more interesting, so I really turned up the amp to chase after my Beloved, the Unknowable.

We are all biomagnetic and bio-electrical transmitting creature.  We live in a vibrant world, with life, light, and love all around us.  These things move us.  We owe our existence to the Unknowable force, which we call by many names.  And so in my quest to learn about how my own body functions, turning my back from focusing on diseases, I started awakening again, to beauty and grace.

This lead me to the understanding that we are basically energetic bodies, with many inherent and dormant potential powers.   We are becoming more aware of this.  First I notice this shift was happening in me.  I also see it happening in others too.  Well, the Book did warn that it’s a restless generation, and that knowledge will be increased. But what do we do with such truths?

The human body electrically transmits information, proven at every level of our existence, down to the smallest detectable sub-atomic particle.  Our cells are in constant interaction and communication with one another, and even with people whom we’re in contact with far and near.  If you don’t believe me, just notice how your nose rejects someone who forgot to wear deodorant on a hot day!  Also, the next time you get off the treadmill and run in nature, be conscious of how you feel.

Everything inside and outside this universe is in constant vibration and motion.  These ranges from our bodies, cells and cell components,  atoms, subatomic particles, highly energetic electrons, protons, quarks, etc.  At light velocity they transmit, receive, and are reflecting vibrations through what we call matter (condensed energy). If this communication goes bizerk or militant, our rhythm is disturbed.  We soon feel sick:  cancer and/or other chronic diseases may result.

In an atom, there is energy packed electrons that vibrate through the body, the entire universe, and solar system. If you don’t think atoms are powerful, look at what it did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan!  Now that we know they are powerful, and the energy is at our disposition, our survival depends on how we use what we have at the conscious level.

When things go wrong, it’s never a true disconnect, but our thoughts have unplugged from the source of Truth.   Many of our big institutions, including medicine, still fosters a spirit of separateness. No wonder we’re still dependent on some of these.  This attitude of separation weakens our system causing much unnecessary suffering, individually and collectively.

Just as the heart has an intrinsic beat, so does the earth which we’ve been steadily disconnecting from (wearing unnatural clothing/shoes, living in unnatural environment, eating unnatural foods, drinking unnatural liquid, etc).  Not so long ago, most indigenous people were connected and in tune with this reconnective energy in earth and nature.  They knew everything revolves around it, and this energy is found inside and outside of all.  At all times.  Such intelligence.  Who can fathom it!

IMG_6054They tell me earth is and old Mother.  It’s been through much birthing, bloodshed, death, and dread (this is what humans create sometimes), but still beautiful rhythms and healing vibes it spreads. I recently read a proposal, “Earth’s surface electrons” as a possible way to heal chronic diseases.  It raised many questions as I tried recalling how good I feel when around nature–a large body of water like the sea, or spending time in the mountains.  There is so much healing vibrations all around, but how can we use this energy to help ourselves?

I rejoice in knowing there is a healing stream, the same one a humble Nazarene referred to when he said, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father (John 14:12 KJV).”

OYE!  When it comes to the reconnection energy, although we can’t capture or contain it, we know it is benevolent.  But it also destroys.  When something has served its purpose, it tends to disappear.  The question still remains, when will we start putting millions of dollars into studying our own powers, and those inherent in our environment, so we can reconnect to what sustains our life instead of putting the funds into studying another harmful synthetic drug? Here is something to RUN and RECONNECT with: Poet Matthew Arnolds wrote,“Resolve to be thyself; and know, he who finds himself, loses his misery.”  We’re all part of this whole.  We just need to recognize our connection to each other and re-connect.  Know who you are!