Running With Protandim

I’m always looking to share a few running tips with you.   Before I share this news with you, I need to let you know I am a distributor for this product, but I make no claim as to what it can do for you.  Also, I’m not trying to make a sale on you, I’m just giving my testimony here.

A Physician friend of mine who practices internal medicine called me about this product, Protandim.  He knew I ran, and of course he was looking for a customer.  We all know doctors do more than write prescriptions for sick people.  They like to make money while they are asleep too.  I don’t blame them.  Many of them are neck-deep in debts and expenses.

My fifth day of taking Protandim, I ran a scheduled 10 miles in my training without the usual almost-crippling soreness (lower abdominal muscle, thigh, ankle, lower back) I usually experience after running long miles I haven’t ran in some time. The next day I ran 8  miles, and still no problem.  Most amazing, I could walk up the stairs without looking like I needed the assistance of a Hoyer Lift.

When I started taking Protandim, I had two blessed weeks to pump up the volume in my train for the first National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K held in Vegas on October 13 2013.  You can read about my account on that run here, but I have to tell you it was not the best timing I’ve had in a half marathon.  It was by the grace of the wind which blew a that day that I finished it.  And I went to work the other day, without the agony I usually have after running a half marathon.

The best result I’ve had taking the product is the amazingly quick recovery time.  Of course I did the regular thing post run like increasing my intake of water, getting rest, and refueling with carbs.

I joined LiveVantage because I wanted to purchase the product at a discount, and the product resonated with what I’m trying to promote:  the reduction of chronic diseases (heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, etc) in our population.  These diseases claim hundreds of thousands of lives every year.  They’ve robbed the lives of many of my loved ones, both young and old, especially last year: from a close cousin barely making his 30′s to my dear mother of 68 years.


My Protandim & I.

What is oxidative stress?  “Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants (” Free radicals are highly reactive oxygen, bi-products of cell metabolism.  Essentially, they run around robbing electrons from other components of the cells such as DNA to make themselves stable.  Because free-radical’s sticky-hand (pilfering) ways, they’ve earned a spot light in medicine, the anti-aging industry, and the media for years, along with their nemesis, anti-oxidants.  The latter have taken a much larger spotlight, especially in over the counter supplements:

Protandim, not an anti-oxidant but a nRF2 activator,  is made up of 5 natural ingredients: Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Green Tea, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, and that the dietary supplement is that increases the body cell production of antioxidant to a ration of 1:1 Million (by NRF2 activation)! There are 3 ways to get antioxidants:  the body making them, from our foods, and in form of supplements.

To make a distinction, when you take your regular antioxidant, you could get an anti-oxidant defense of 1:1 (1 free radical to 1 antioxidant) ratio, and with Protandim, 1:1,000,000 (for every 1 free radical, your body makes 1 million antioxidant) ratio!  This blew you away, eh?

Research upon research suggest that not enough of anti-oxidant and too much oxidative stress causes chronic inflammation which could lead to chronic diseases, especially cancers, heart diseases, etc.  So now this gives me much reason to include this supplement in my diet.  As a vegetarian, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but not even enough to give me the antioxidant results as taking a daily dose of one protandim pill/day.  Getting a daily intake of fruits and vegetables is a challenge for many, especially in this fast food nation where fake food is king.

OYE!  So I’m 43 years old and only take  Protandim, and no other supplement.  I try to eat a balanced vegetarian meal and get my proper dose of exercise.  As a humble RunningNurse, I can’t tell you that this supplement is not to cure or to treat a blooming thing, but here is an excerpt from the good good doctor Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s latest book Forever Young. On page 41, he writes “Finding substances that can turn on the highly protective transcription factor NRF2 holds the key to preventing a host of diseases.”  BOOM!    Protandim is “Clinically Proven” to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days! 
Now it’s your call.