My Year 2013 In Review

On August 27, 2011 I started blogging on the prevention of chronic diseases.  I do it because I love writing (A friend of mine called it “Rambling Musings of a Health Addict.”  She forgot to add “runner” in the mix.) and sharing what little I’ve learned about running, health, and the prevention of chronic illnesses.  My confession?  I really dislike the word chronic.  

That word scratches my nerves like a rock guitar out of tune.  It gives the connotation of something that sticks for life.  It also brings to my mind something like a hammer toe, or toes crawling or bent over the others.  Don’t ask me why.  That’s the mental picture this mind gives me.

Here is a little etymology on this word chronic.  It is derived from the Greek word khronikos, meaning, “of time. It refers to something that may be prolonged or lasts a looooong time.

Among one reason why I dislike the word chronic, this past year a chronic disease took the life of someone very special to me.  My mother fought thyroid cancer for years, and she was laid to rest may 2013, a couple of days after Mother’s Day.    This thing hurts.   Sometimes very bad.

They tell me this sort of pain is sometimes chronic.  I know my mother would not have liked this to be so.  She was a Christmas baby, and someone basically good and beautiful.  She loved her family, music, dancing, singing (even when one vocal cord pooped-out on her), laughing, cooking, supporting charities (especially those for children), and playing domino.

She was my gift.  And I miss her, even terribly on her birthday this past Christmas day.  So I went to celebrate her birth where she died.  It was my own beginning. For healing.IMG_5726

As I see it, my year passed very quickly.  Although most of it was spent with much grief, I did experience some joy. Even I managed to blog 28 times last year, and also posted on facebook/  I ran 2 official full marathons ING Miami 2013 and Publix Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon, one official half marathon (first inaugural National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K), and a few unofficial ones.  I also wrote and spoke about the prevention of chronic diseases; worked long hours back at bedside nursing; traveled to the breath-taking country of Fiji twice; met some healers and health-promotors; learned to play squash, although I did not beat my greatest opponent, “big sister” Anita–a Fijian who seems like she’s from out of space;  I laughed, and I also cried many days; I ran in Honduras, Fiji, and in the USA; I sang with Fiji’s Vude Queen, Laisa Vulakoro for a fundraiser; I took care of my mother and became even closer to her much before her death; I also learned many tough lesson on love.

My intention starting off the past year was to be highly engaged in following love.  This boils down to these things: I love promoting health, running, singing, dancing, writing, traveling, and learning. Last year I manged to be engaged in all of these, and I am very grateful.  My mother’s passing has been the roughest thing I’ve experienced both last year and in this life.  It has striped me naked, emotionally and directionally–felt like a broken  compass.  I have much to thank God for.  For one, my mother was never in physical pain.  When she was alive I ran for her, and since I’m a part of her, I’m still running for her.

The last run I had this was this year in Fiji January 11, 2014. I took a flower to the morgue where mom’s body was kept for over 2 Stay amazedweeks.  Every morning when I ran, in front of the portable green morgue, there was a dead body in a casket, with family surrounding it.  This day I passed out my RunningNurse track on how to help prevent chronic diseases, and I ran to the seawall.  I was running numb, so much so that I ignored a pain in my left foot.  This time, the 4th metatarsal!  That day I was supposed to teach my Fijian sister, Anita, how to run, but instead we ended up in a doctor’s office.  Mama did say there would be days like those.

The health challenges of Fiji are many.  Dengue Fever is in outbreak, and far too people are dying unnecessarily.  I was told that 80% of death and disabilities are due to chronic diseases (NCDs) there.

OYE! I hope you had a good Christmas, a happy New Year, and that you are sticking with your program.  When life tries to front jab you, I pray you seek every opportunity to follow your heart and STAY AMAZED!  






Birthday cake in memory of mom.


My other big sister and I checking out the Kannibal (Cannibal) Pot. Thank goodness those days are over.


Singing, “Under de coconut tree….”

MORE PICS:  IMG_1433   IMG_1478


Salessie and his 3 pupils.


A Fijian “bula” smile


My sanctuary


Celebrating mom’ life.

IMG_2119IMG_1458 IMG_3857 IMG_5653IMG_2138




Our sister, Anita, treated us to LeLeuvia Island, but only the hermit crabs had the privilege to hear her music. :(