Act Immediately When Inspired

Action is the foundational key to all success.
~~Pablo Picasso~~

When Inspired, you have to act accordingly so you don’t lose your God-given mojo.  That’s the internal juice (Horchata anyone?) that makes you feel lively, like you are on top of the world to give your best.  Along with every thing you have in your Basic-Goodness arsenal, It’s a special baleada you might wanna guard.  Okay… Maybe it’s not so dramatic, but you get my point.

The painter Pablo Picasso once said, action is simply “the foundational key to all success.”  When inspired, action tends to move things.  Action also represents the 4th letter (A) of my life-changing acronym, BE MADE, which I’ve been sharing with you over the past few weeks.  Since today is a “Move Your Butt Monday,” what better day to show some serious action!

Before you can act, you must have something to act on (plan, person, thing, etc).  And now, it’s time for a disclaimer:  This is a serious oversimplification of a matter I will attempt to explain in the following paragraphs.  If I “jack (I have nothing against you Jack.)” it up, please know that it’s ONLY my meager opinion I am expressing here.  And you also have the right to deduce that if I was paid to write, the situation would be different.  But since I’m not making a blooming dime on this blog article, here we go…  We will practice a ‘lil bit of simplicity.  Just keeping it real!

In biochemistry, there are hundreds of thousands, or millions, of possible reactions that could take place in a system (body, organ, cell).  Some of these reactions are very particular (lots of drama queens) and have to have the right environment for a desired response, or they simply won’t happen.  These include the actions of “enzymes  or catalysts (biochemical agents)” that move to act on a particular biochemical matter (they call it a “substrate,” a molecular platform which an enzyme acts upon) to get a desired response in a system. Without pulling a humongous textbook out on you, let’s simply imagine you are the agent doing the acting (catalyst).  Just a tiny reminder here.  This blog is still about running, okay? So stick with me.  Let’s say, because of your burning and nagging goal to stay healthy and fit,  you (the catalyst) like lacing up your shoes 5-6 days a week, to hit the road (substrate, agent you’re acting on) running.  Get it? You ACT for something to happen or to change.

We often get discouraged when our goals do not materialize how and when we think they should. Confucius once said, “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”  So if some action is not working for you, personalize it even more.  Tweak the hell out of it, until you get what you are looking for.  In the South they tend to call this tweaking action, “Southern Ingenuity (another expression, but not so attractive one, may be ‘ghetto-rigging’ the blooming heck out of it ’till it works!).

OYE!  If you have goals, and most of us do, get a special note pad, plan and map out the best route you should take in order to reach them, then go for it!  Water these seeds until they develop into beautiful flowers, or something even better grows in your garden.  It might be a matter of you just ghetto-rigging the thing, so don’t give up.  As passionate as I am about running and my RunningNurse Project, I recognize that when it comes to (B) being a prowess of love, (E) engaging in simplicity, (M) motivating myself to bring change, I also need to (A) act immediately when inspired for my plans to materialize.  Tony Robbins believes that “A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action.”  I know that if you don’t have the courage to act on your convictions (to pursue the things you love), then in your inaction you’ll be letting some people, situations, and/or things decide the course of your life for you.  Just remember, we’re not zoo animals.  The remaining letters to my special acronym, BE MADE, coming to you soon…


PS.  The first 3 people to share with us how you’ve motivated yourself to act to accomplish a goal that didn’t seem within your reach will be sent one of our “I am A Running Nurse” Silicone bracelets totally FREE (In the USA only)!  Just inbox us your address (and the color you wish: red, yellow, green, black).

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