Motivation Brings Change

Motivation brings change. This is the third factor in the creative acronym, BE MADE, I’ve been sharing with you for a couple of weeks now.  Remember the first letter, B stood for Be A Prowess In Love, and the second letter, E, stood for Engage in Simplicity.

Okay, motivation is sometimes not the easiest thing for some to do.  Getting ‘wound up’ like a toy top to  put on your best workout clothes and head out the door is hard for some people to do.  Instead, when you hear that noxious noise in the morning, you want to reach over the nightstand, slap a strip of duck tape over the mouth of that blessed alarm clock–SHUT IT DOWN!

There are times I hate dragging myself out of bed to run.  Getting unto the road is not always a honeymoon period, your honor. Please don’t judge me.  Please.  When nature calls and it’s that time of the month for planet red (Hammer Time menstrual rhythm time),” you can’t touch this!”  I mean, sometimes my attitude is boiling up to high heaven.  On these and many occasions (when I am feeling grossly crippled), I have to drag myself to one of my favorite RunningNurse runways (park, bridge, etc.) to mash out the poison.  Usually the session ends quite well once I am done.

Many times I’ve had clients say to me, “Nurse, I am tired of being sick,” or “I am tired of taking all these pills.”  When I suggest what they could do to improve their circumstances and quality of life, they often become disheartened and others are suddenly deaf, dumb, and deep-south blind.

Motivation, when it’s of the right caliber is more lasting.  Intrinsic motivation– is when motivation is stirred up from the inside, is doing something because they blooming matter.  Extrinsic Motivation– is the sort of band-aid motivation one slaps on because of outside influences.

When you light a fire under your own butt for a particular intrinsic reason–lets say to improve your quality of life, this process physically changes your biochemistry (eg.  body secretes good and happy hormones, you feel lighter, your attitude is adjusted to a more positive one, etc.).  Your cellular environment changes and these processes helps keep you focused on your endeavors.  The Extrinsic motivation (e.g., “I want to lose  for my 10 lb man,” or  going after something just for the money, etc.) wont get you much far.  At least I found this true for me.

OYE!  It’s time we get out of the habit of letting sickness motivate us.  This is all good and dandy, but you’ll be taking a more powerful stand when you inspire and motivate yourself to make lifestyle change before sickness, pills, doctor, nurses, and a host of medical bills settle in.  The potential for being productive, saving money, and living a longer and more fulfilling life should be enough for you to be a pyromaniac for your own health.  So go ahead and light yourself with the tool of motivation!  Do what you need to do because it really matters.  With that said, there are many lifestyle factors you can motivate yourself to change to help you live a more balanced life (quit smoking, get adequate rest, eat balanced meals, etc).  Use the tool of motivation, and hand in there until “something is happening” to you!