Be A Prowess In Love

Steve Jobs Follow your heartSometimes you have to come to terms with life and decide to let go and BE MADE. This is an acronym that has encouraged me through the years. I’d like to share the first letter with you. That B stands for “Be a Prowess In Love.”

Too often we focus on the things we don’t want in life, and like the saying goes, “You are what you think,” thoughts shape us. Dwell on negative ones, and much “funk” may present to you in life. Dwell on the things you love, and beautiful things will also present to you. Hey, I’m not implying that ONLY good things will happen to you and bad things will be locked up in a cell somewhere between the ether and hell. I am basically saying, focusing on Love will bring you many more pleasant and beautiful days. At least this has been my experience with life. I find that when I focus on doing the things I Love the most, I am on my best behaviors (Better believe it!), time flies (A good good thing in this respect), and most of all, I can create in the field of beauty, light, and grace. You just feel good. And this feeling good also does your body good.

OYE!  I also found that when you fill your days with the things you have no passion for, your body gives you messages. These are sometimes subtle, and sometimes they can be as noxious as aches and pain on your body. Heart diseases, one may wonder why they are the number one killer here in the USA (1 in every 4 deaths, CDC 2013)? Should we be concerned that most of us are probably not following our hearts by doing what we love? Let’s see, how about you try to read your own heart rhythm and gauge what activities you do most. Are they heart protective– done because of love and in love, or are they heart rejected? Why not take up your bed and run in Love?