National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K. Will You Be There?

rnfinalrevisedcircle2-4We’re on a journey, and there are many roads that may help you in this journey. Depending on how we see the journey, we either keep progressing in the direction or we jump on another road.  Sayonara!

We’re all made differently and have our varied amounts of challenges.  As nurses, one of our challenges is trying to stay healthy and fit in a profession that requires (and sometimes DRAINS) so much of our time and attention.  If you are among the blessed to have a family,  you may think you have even less time to clear a ‘lil space for you.

By agreeing to all of the above, you can also say we breathe and thrive on challenges.  Nurses are also masters of making things happen when we need to.  So clear a space within the little you have and brush off those running or walking shoes.  It’s time we head to Vegas to start a new chapter in our profession!  And if you are not a nurse but you work in Health Care (AKA “sickness care”), this is for you too.  national_nurses_flyer_bleeds-2

Helene Neville, RN is a veteran Registered Nurse and an avid “road beast” Running Nurse, a four times cancer survivor, author, and speaker (among so many other things).  She’s got an outrageous story to tell, and I am happy she is still alive to tell it.  This girl is currently blazing the trail from Canada to Mexico at present.  “She would be the first person, the first woman, the first nurse to run the entire length of the southern half of the United States in the hot and humid conditions of summer. It required extraordinary courage and consciousness taking her only 93 days to cover the 2,520 miles from the Ocean Beach, California to Atlantic Beach, Florida.” Helene has done many things, but to her I am very grateful for this–she is the white hat behind these inaugural events: The National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K, and National Nurses Health Institute Conference held in Vegas October 11-13, 2013.   It has been a dream for me to see 100,000 nurses from all over the world running in a marathon, in solidarity, in support of nurse health.  And I think we might all just make this thing happen one day.

OYE!  I signed up to this even and so has some Running Nurses (some experienced runners and some RNs charting a new course in their fitness level).  Join us in Vegas this coming October.  Make no excuses, you know you would love to get away for some “Me Time.”  Sign up (consider joining our “Running Nurse” group which you can choose from the drop-down menu on the application) for this event while there is some space left (and the price is reasonable), mark your calendar, book your hotel, and see you there!  The National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K site also goes as far as provide a FREE training plan for all who would like to run this inaugural race–a 16 weeks plan, so you have 2 weeks left before you need to be hitting the road to train.  I’m already started to train, so there!  You have some company.  :)  Come join me and other Running Nurses , and join our Facebook group and check our the group under “Events,”  click National Nurses Half Marathon & 5K Running Nurse group.  Help us spread the word and see you there!  Remember the saying, “Whatever happens in Vegas….”