“Something Is Happening To Me”

My big sister and I with our BS “bulla” smile (in training)

This goes for me too.  Something is happening to me. There is something about being here in Fiji that causes one to slow down, dance in the rain, and soak in the warm sun-rays (and also the sunshiny bula–Fijian for a hearty “hello”– smiley faces of the locals). It feel like you’re being re-baptized or re-born.

I am liking this country, and I am grateful for the hills that are helping me build my cardiovascular strength and endurance.  Make no mistake though, I do miss my dear bellowed Florida, but I’m still trying to live in “this house”–wherever this body takes me.

The Tala Tala (Fijian for Pastor) from the Solomon Islands was called up to the podium at Salise Institute of Healthful Living to give an account of his success while attending Salise’s Lifestyle training five days a week.” He claims he had a “big belly” and was much overweight/obese, with diabetes (Blood Sugar 8-9 mmol/L), and other chronic health problems. He joined the institute in mid January and lost a total of about 22 lbs! Tala Tala said his other pastor buddies, after noticing this “something happening” to him, said “When you were in the Solomon’s Island, you were big and with big belly,” but now they’re asking what this “something,” is that’s happening to him.  Tala Tala, of course, was eager to share the good news with them.

Passion fruits growing at Salise Institute of Healthful Living.  Yum!

So what’s this “Something” happening to him? Well, for weeks he’s had to wake up about Three O’clock in the morning, make a few stops to pick up a few folks bumming a ride (some who made him late many times…. and Mr. Salise will not delay his start time even for Jesus!), works out 3-5 days a week (attend lectures 1-2 days a week), eats a diet rich in fruits/vegetables (living foods), and made other lifestyle changes (cutting out unnatural sugars, salt, added oils, and artificial foods with artificial-chemical (no HFCs, etc), and other BS (Bullshit Bachelor’s of Science?) fake food ingredients.

The Tala Tala’s now reports a steady blood sugar of 4-5 mmol/L, his belly is not big,  he is streamlining enough that some of his muscles are visible, and he accredit all these things to Mr. Salise’s free juice (for participants only), and his lifestyle program.   His conclusion was that if you treat your body right, it won’t be long until “something good happens.”

OYE!  When I arrived here a few weeks ago and started running around Suva City, I didn’t much care for the hill inclines.  It’s an adjustment I had to make if I wished to continue running and training for my ING Miami 2014.  To set aside running here in Fiji because there are too many hills to climb did not seem reasonable.  Also, if I am to keep fit and continue running, I must tackle my own hills, and mountains.  You must know that making lifestyle changes isn’t so easy after living a life of unconscious eating and  inactivity.  For some of us, it takes one step, but for many others it may take a few more steps.  The beautify of it all is that when you are serious about your health and take that first step, you’ll find that one step soon becomes two, and two steps can easily become four.  If you want ‘something to happen’ to you too, you’ve got to tackle those hills of unnatural cravings and inertia (lack of activity or movement) that enslaves the body to a lifetime of sicknesses and diseases.


Two of my “big sisters (A Fijian and one Honduran)” with their best BS bulla smile  ;)  They are the ones who introduced me to Salise Institute of Healthful Living.  Cheers!



P.S.  And I am saying this without a BS “bula” smile!   ——->     —–>