Racquetball Spanking

Last week I took a break from running and jumped on the racquetball bandwagon with a couple of family members and few friends, to give my legs a break (snake oil?).

I don’t know where the dickens my two high-end racquetball racquets disappeared to.  After searching high and low, it was an agonal process trying to let them go.  So I borrowed two old ones from Siglo Cingo (Spanish for 5th Century) from my brother’s neighbor.  I I liked them, the said he’d sell them to me.  This elderly man told me those two are what the professionals use, but he had to retire his game because of a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder.

I was in for the experiment, but those two racquets (one made out of ceramic, and the other  just as small and made out of titanium), did not work–the grips  were falling apart, and they were too short.  I guess I’ve got a looooooonnnnnggg way to go to play professional racquetball sport, and from the looks of the man’s injury, I definitely am not ready for those racquets! He took them back.

Racquetball has been a sport I picked up in college and carried through post-college years until I started traveling in the travel nursing business.  For lack of practice, I soon got buried in pain an anguish while trying to win the regular belligerent folks I used to win back in the day.

Last week I was very sore and walking like Frankenstein because my ‘lil bro put a whooping on me.  Yes he did.  I am not a sore looser, but he should know I would be coming back at him with a vengeance (courtesy of the family genes).  And so I did! Yesterday evening.

OYE!  I enjoy a good game of racquetball, but I let you know running is my thing!  From here on this Running Nurse will try improve on my time by running more tempo runs, as it seems these have helped me shave 13 minutes off my previous PR.  This week I’m back to training and will be running more 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons–mostly under my own radars, at home or elsewhere.  I hope you are coming along well in your own training.  Don’t give up.  We’re still on the move on this MOVE YOUR BUTT MONDAY!  :)

                running legs