Ebb or Flow… What Energy Are You Working With?

There are those who are truly active (engaged and doing their thing, rebooting from time to time) and those who are truly tired (back hunched, low energy level– moving closer to the grave).IMG_0177

The tide energy of man ebbs and flows (in biological rhythms such as circadian rhythm (sleep), menstruation rhythm,  cardiac  rhythm, etc).  Some of these ebbs are automatic and others we can adjust or help direct, like when you find yourself in a state of mental funk and want to torture every breathing thing you encounter (including yourself).

When you feel a low dip in your physical or mental energy, this is the time to inspect its footing (for instance, what’s the real cause), and say to yourself, “I ain’t going down like that!”  in order to meet this ebb with equally positive directing power–if even holding on to the walls of reality with one single fingernail.

Our education did not focus on how we can change our perspective and direction in life, nor that there is a way to do this, yet we are constantly facing changes.  With these comes many of our greatest challenges because we are all creatures of habits (the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly destructive ones too).

If we can make the habit of finding the cause of our physical/emotional/Spiritual low ebbs, we can work on these grounds to help create a more lively and vibrant life.  As a mystic once said, “Energy is the source of function, and function for man is the reason for existence.”  In other words, we exist to express this energy that brings us alive. We exist because of this mysterious energy force that causes us to vibrate, breathe, live, and move.

IMG_3142We don’t seem to have a problem using the microwave, speaking on cell phones, getting an MRI or CT Scan, Crash Cart (defibrillator) all technologies that uses the energy.  It’s in the vibrant color of the delicious apple you bite and enjoy, and you can harness it in your thoughts to create something beautiful, etc.  Nothing that EXISTS lacks it, really.

When we are no longer doing the things to support the energy which makes every cell of our body (the vessel or our house) come alive, we are unconsciously (many times) speedily walking towards the grave of un-existance.  This is what most of us do not understand. What you do to your body (bad habits, negative thoughts, etc), has causes and effects.  In the end, the energy (vital force or life force) is the only thing you are really cutting short–IN THE BODY–because we are now all well aware that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed…”  If you are haven’t leaned this yet, then you are still living in glorious LaLa land, which is okay too.  :)

OYE!  By monitoring your energy level or being your “Chief Energy Officer (CEO)” as Tony Schwartz puts it, you can help yourself through many challenges or potential challenges.  When you are sitting on that couch grappling with decisions, decisions, decision–should I go running or should I watch one more episode of “Good Times” on the TV, call up the CEO in you and move to the rhythm of life.  This mysterious energy is what keeps us all going.  When you fail to understand this and follow It’s Law, as they say back in Roatan, then “Dupe (the boogeyman) drink your soup!” 

I am learning…