On This Free Your Mind Friday, Free Your Heart and Your Kitchen

On this FREE YOUR MIND FRIDAY, try letting go of what’s bothering you.  Many times it’s really not the situation that is causing pandemonium in your life, because situations come and they go, but your lingering thoughts about these.

Constantly remaining on a past (situations, old relationships, things, etc.), speculating about the future, and trying to hold unto change (impossible), keeps many in internal turmoil which could sicken one quicker than a generous person trying to hand you over their flu.  The flu comes and goes  (sometimes taking you too), but many thoughts we allow to linger and hammer us until death (“She stole my man!”  “He lied about me!”  “That nurse is a lazy @$$!”  “He better pay me my money back!”).

While you free your mind from what is mentally kicking your butt, free your kitchen from the weapons of mass family destruction–you know, the ones lurking in your pantry:

As we are approaching the end of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’s “American Heart Heart Month” this February, let us embark (if you haven’t already) on the journey of freeing our minds and hearts from the some of the culprits of heart diseases, strokes, and other chronic diseases–poor diet rich in refined “wanna be” foods (and fried foods), lack of routine exercise, poor sleeping habits, lack of vitamin D, pile of un-resolved stress, etc.

The heart beat of a fetus is detected about the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy.  No one knows where this beat comes from or what exactly leads up to the first electrical impulse that gets everything started there, but we do know what can cause it to go aberrant (out of rhythm), and diseased.


Too much “Omega-6 Fats in Processed and Deep Fried Foods Can Massively Increase Your Heart Disease Risk,” was explained well in this article written by Dr. Mercola.  As a Southerner and a native Central American islander, I realized the fried foods may be a quick fix to ease the palate and appetite, but could sooner or later cause me to have to swallow some very bitter and often dangerous pills.  Since I don’t care to spend one blessed day in anyone’s hospital worrying about my 42 years old ticker, I’ve resolved to take good care of it.

As a runner who is serious about heart health, I do my best to watch how I treat my body, especially a heart that helps carry me across a 26.2 mile finish line.  When I add refined vegetable oils (rich in Omega-6 fatty acids) in my foods (coconut oil, olive oils, safflower oil, etc), I also need to make sure I am getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids to balance these.  It is best to get most of your dietary fats from naturally occurring healthier options such as that from eating seeds, nuts, grains, etc.  I especially love adding Chia seeds, and flax-seeds to my cereal, and love me some avocados!

OYE!  If you want something to keep your mind occupied instead of a stream of negative thoughts, free your mind to focus on constructive ways of bringing yourself back to balance with nature by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.  You can start right now by doing some pantry cleaning.  Let’s try free our house, body, mind, and soul from the rubbish burdening us down–laying the weight of artificial stuff aside, going as natural as you can, and living in simplicity does the body good.  ;)