My Pre-Marathon List: 21 Things To Help Me Out The Door

In a marathon or half-marathon journey you would want to remember some things, but other things you quickly forget (Marathonesia?).  So you get excited, and sign up for the journey once again.

But before you go at it once again, you need to personalize a pre-marathon list so  you are not left out in the cold suffering and bothering Sweet Jesus, the Holy Saints (if you are a devout Catholic), and Buddha too.

This is my official pre-race list (not necessarily in order of importance).  I won’t wait until the last night to check it either. I’ll check it twice, then once again before locking the door.  You do what you have to do.  I’m really considering getting it laminated.   So without delay, here is my list:

  1. A Prayer or a moment of meditation, contemplating my goals, the course and it’s terrain
  2. My Bib (with emergency info filled out on back)
  3. Visor (so I am not caught grinning throughout the entire coarse like the IMG Miami 2013)
  4. MP3 (if you run with one)
  5. Right Sports Bra (last one caused a some chaffing to the sisters because it was older than the hinges of hell!)
  6. Running Nurse T-Shirt (Green or yellow?  Big choices!)
  7. Hammer (non-caffeinated) Gels and a small bag of mixed nuts (some folks like GU.  Pack the fuel of your choice)
  8. KT Tape (place at night before going to bed) if you have aching appendages
  9. Agua De Coco (coconut water) for premium hydration (I use the free 500 ml bottle from Expos and dispose when done)
  10. Body glide to slap on the toes and in private places that may get angry at your tenacity of running the miles
  11. Compression calves sleeves for the circulation (helps the elephantitis feeling you get while dragging the legs to finish line)
  12. Arm Sleeves (to keep me warm, can peel off anytime)
  13. Running shoes (everyone has their particular gait, use the ones fitted best for you)
  14. Running socks (no new ones)
  15. Blinking light (for the stray mad South Florida motorist)
  16. Fanny pack for my gel, ID, and ‘tings’ (things)
  17. Bit of cash in case I need to holler at a cab
  18. Gloves if running in cold weather, and old long-sleeved sweater you don’t mind divorcing.  Plastic trash bag okay too.
  19. A bag of saving Grace chips (imaginary because I love salty stuff).  Some runners pack salt tablets to replace salt lost
  20. Pack a warm after-run sweater to get out of the funky wet stuff, and help avoid hypothermia as the body cools down
  21. A last prayer

 rnfinalrevisedcircle2-4OYE!  I’ve run many half marathons (13.1 miles) since 2007, and this past Sunday I ran my 4th Marathon (26.2 miles), the A1A Fort Lauderdale Marathon, and beat my Personal Record (PR) by running it in 4:43:22 time!  Having a pre-marathon list is critical, you see.  You don’t want to forget something and be running under condition you could have prevented.  The cold and numbness was distracting, but I kept pushing through.  No one will carry you across the finish line but you.  If it’s not life-threatening, sometimes you have to toughen up, suck it up, and keep it moving, baby.  Now I wouldn’t be a good Running Nurse if I didn’t drop this bit of information on you.  Like a pre-marathon list, many of us need to get a chronic diseases stomping list.  You want to write down Natural Laws that if you follow, could help you prevent lifestyle diseases (heart problems, obesity, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, etc.).  Make your chronic disease prevention list.  Check it twice daily, and again if you must, to keep you on a good road to heath.  If you are fumbling to find one.  Here is a good place to start.

  • Adopt a whole-foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes, roots, bulbs, seeds) diet.
  • Diminish until you desist eating fast foods and processed foods
  • Drink water, water, water!  Divorce soft-drinks, sodas, and heart-heavy high fats shakes
  • Rest your sleep-deprived eyelids by 9pm
  • Get real and deal with the stress upsetting your biochemistry and everyone else around you
  • Simplify your life to do what you LOVE
  • Continue to educate yourself on how to care for your body, and know your risk factors
  • Trust in the matchless Divine, the Spirit that inhabits our bodies (“In him we life, and move, and have our being.”~~Acts 17:28)
  • Embrace a circle of health conscious folks who will encourage you to stick to your chronic-prevention (reversal) journey
  • Practice each one, teach one–share what you’ve learned daily with someone, anyone.  This will help keep you focus.