I Ran Four Miles Today, One For Each Chamber Of The Heart!

This morning right after I ran 4 miles, I walked pass a rubbery-looking sketch of a heart on the ground (the featured image above). My heart took it as a warm regards from nature.

At this moment, I’m contemplating the word chamber, as in the chamber of commerce, chamber of a gun, chamber of a house, chamber of concerts, chamber pot (Back in the day in Roatan, this was a serious commodity!), or chambers of the heart.

Oh the heart, “Who can know it,” the scriptures said. I’m not trying to make up my own holy scriptures. No Sir! No Hell fire for me, but may I add, people may not know your heart (and many may try to trample on, abuse, and confuse your heart) but if you don’t want to live a life of total misery, you’ve better start tuning into your heart.

Even the chamber pot I mentioned above was sophisticated and special, especially in my youth when the lights went off in Roatan. Hell, it beat having to go outside in the pitch dark where all sorts of creatures room, or having to do your business while sitting on a sharp, rusty, cold Milex milk can!

And this is why I’ve been meditating on the word, chamber. It is open, sophisticated, mysterious, full, spacious, and Out Houseubiquitous–yet dedicated to something… special? Really!

As you may soon gather, the picture to your right has nothing to do with what I’m about to say hereafter. I had a good long moment of trying to move it, but it’s being stubborn. So I let it be. Less stress…

Today was Valentine’s Day (Dia de San Valentin), a day set aside to pause and show your love and appreciation for the special people in your life, and sometimes that boils down to a single person. Some people call it “Hearts Day,” or “V-Day.” Today I ran with my heart. I was scheduled to run 3 miles, but dedicated one mile for each of the four chambers of my beautiful ticker–a Divine organ still shrouded in mystery.

While you are tending to matters of the heart, ‘I-mo’ sneak a ‘lil statistic up on you. Coronary Artery Diseases is the leading cause of death here in the USA for men and women. What can cause this is a bunch of lifestyle factors that are not agreeable with your heart, much less your life. When this system is burdened down with filth that collects in the artery, it could threaten one’s life until you stop doing what is contributing to the problems and try reversing it, or you kick the bucked (flat line, Peter out, drop dead, keel up, etc).

“GRAB THE CRASH CART!” Okay, not today…

OYE! The aforementioned scene is not romantic or lovely in a motion picture, at home, in the streets, or in a cold hospital bed. Some may have varied symptoms (chest pain, feels like an elephant sitting on your heart, upset stomach, short of breath, sweating, pain radiating from your jaw, neck, and arm or back) and some don’t live to report those symptoms. Crude as it may sound, the situation is serious, especially when this problem may be remedied and/or reversed by simple lifestyle changes. When that last Nitroglycerine (Nitro) pops under your tongue (and I hope you recognize when you need to call on trained medical professionals), you’ve better have the juice left to grab the phone and call 911. Oh, and don’t forget to say a prayer. I’ll leave you to ponder this–research suggests you can cut your chances of CAD by 32% if you become a vegetarian. Below are a few things that may help prevent CAD, but please consult with your physician first about making any lifestyle changes.