You Are Not Your Body, But Don’t Victimize It

I woke up this morning with this statement, “You are not your body, but don’t victimize it,” on my mind, so I decided to put my thoughts on the blog before I forget what was on my mind.  Some people say forgetfulness has something to do with aging, but I’m not convinced.  Yet.

Mr. Tomato tree.

Mr. Tomato Tree

A friend of mine gave me a mango tree in a pot when she and her husband were moving to Georgia.  She peeled her eyes wide open and in her thickest Jamaican accent tried to convince me that it’s the “sweetest mango in the world.”  Well, the tree is small, so I will have years, I guess, before putting fruit to lips.

Last week I noticed a strange kinda plant (looked familiar) growing in that same basket with the “sweetest mango” tree.  I soon discovered it was a tomato plant.  There it was, basking in the sun… Until I uprooted it and planted it elsewhere.

I dug a hole deep enough to accommodate the root of the tomato tree, which I carefully uprooted, and put it where I thought it would best thrive.  In a lightly shaded area, under a bigger mango tree in the yard.

You see there are Natural Laws that govern us.  These Laws govern everything in the universe: mango trees, tomato trees, birds, bees, our bodies, the world, the universe, etc.  When we disobey them, well, we start to bend down–lower and lower, facing the casket and the ground.  This might bring a frown on your face, but you might agree, I’m not so wrong.

So the tomato plant was having a hard time, because I removed it from its first environment and made it a transplant.  A couple of days later, its body was bending… lower and lower, going down.  This gave me reasons for concerns, and of course I was also wearing a frown.  So I called on the help of a minister friend of mine.  And a fervent prayer was send up to raise my poor tomato plant’s body from the dead.  Three days later the plant perked up.  It worked.  And to our surprise we all wore a pleasant smirk on our faces.

In this busy world that’s moving fast (like an unstoppable train), we’ve forgotten many things:  Our bodies are what houses the Spirit.  It’s just a vehicle where we can connect to other people, things, etc, and grow in stature, knowledge, and truth.  Because of many reasons, many of us have adopted unnatural laws:  working in closed up building, and not getting any exposure to natural sunlight… Unnatural;  Working long hours under stress… Unnatural;  Working long hours through the night… Unnatural;  Working where your heart no longer belongs… Unnatural;  Working long hours with 1-3 (and that’s a highly maybe) short breaks a day… Unnatural;  Working and denying the body of basic needs (decent food, going to the bathroom, fresh air, etc)… Unnatural;  Working only to pay the bill, for money, or greed…  Highly unnatural!

I am a running nurse pages logo NEW  OYE!  Many of us have to do what we have to do.  Yes, you’re tired of hearing this warned-out ghetto-mind cliché, but it makes it easier on a good nurse to get a point across.  Our profession is not glamorous and it does require many sacrifices.  So let’s try simplifying our life to bring it back to nature as much as possible.  Let’s run with what we’ve got. Let’s become agricultural, and cultivate health in our bodies, mind, and Spirit.  We’re gonna PLUCK the weed of chronic “lifestyle” diseases out of our families, our  profession, communities, country, and world one step at a time, one mile at a time, and one smile at a time. And because of this, I am a Running Nurse!