How About Those Vegitarians Cutting Heart Risk by 32%?

Caught these myself years ago.

Caught these myself years ago.

You heard this before, consider dropping flesh meats and fish, and cut your risks of heart attack by a whopping 32%!   I don’t believe there’s a pharmaceutical medicine or invention in this world could do this.

There are several studies strongly suggesting that if you drop anything or any product containing remnants of a breathing organism with a mother, father, and eyes can help you become more heart attack proof!

You can bet there will be times when an unstable patient will be needing immediate cardiac intervention, but can you imagine one day treating patients with food?  What?  No stents?  No open heart surgery?  I know… yeah, right!  That idea sounds a little bit…. too little.

You may ask, “What’s there to eat to try prevent dreaded chronic and life threatening illness such as heart diseases?”  America especially, is a land of plenty tightly-caged animals raised on the assembly line for our consumption.  Like some Jamaicans would say in this sunny part of the USA, “We love to Nyam (eat),” animals.

We were brought up to believe good health depends on our consumption of protein from animals and animal products.  We were told we needed these to breathe…

Because the Caged-man caveman  of the stone age was said to have survived on a Paleo diet, a hardy diet gorging on flesh meat, some people believe it to be healthy and optima diet to adopt.   This notion has me scratching my head for some time because I read where the stone-age man (or cromagnon) lived to a good ‘ole average ripened age of 28!

Could our long intestinal tract and other physiological differences between humans and carnivorous eating animals be a problem here?  Carnivorous animal have shorter intestinal tract with a heavy dose of hydrocloric acid to quickly digest and expel flesh meat faster than we can (and they don’t need fiber to help them with this).  Let’s not forget other powerful political and corporation reasons that has trucks delivering these dead, steroid and antibiotic saturated, forced corn-eating creatures promptly to our grocery stores.

Have your fill.  There is so much more to choose from.

Have your fill. There is so much more to choose from.

‘Ole boy Western grandpa Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  I agree.  They don’t teach you this in Nursing school, and from what I heard, neither doctors nor pharmacist get this.  Well, maybe if the majority were taught this information of adopt healthy habits of eating earlier on in their lives, there will be less need for the sickness institutions.  Fortunately, we might have to find other means to make some money… maybe through well-care?

According to the BBC report I read five days ago, “A study of 44,500 people in England and Scotland showed vegetarians were 32% less likely to die or need hospital treatment as a result of heart disease (Ya don’t say!).”

This Running Nurse has long been a vegetarian, albeit experimenting with a few breaks in between (that blessed oxtail, lamb, and fish has a way of tempting a sister), since college years.

Some people find it hard to give up or cut down on eating meats.  Our government and school curriculum strongly advocate meat and dairy product for profiting industries.  So this is what we are physically and mentally fed and it’s what we hold unto for our survival.

OYE!  The paleolithic (carnivorous) diet vs. standard American diet (SAD) vs. vegetarian diet vs vegan diet,  will probably be studied as long as people have money to put into these studies or until Sweet Jesus comes.  I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but a diet replete with simple “living” foods: colorful and vibrant fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, roots, legumes, etc does my body good.  I don’t know if this is your experience, but it’s been mine, and that of some of my vegetarians friends.   I eat a lot of living foods, not processed, fabricated, lab rat, wanna-be-foods.  And except when I abuse my body by not watching what i eat, not grabbing enough sleep, (or after I run a whole marathon) etc, this body is much energized than any Duracell battery–it’s usually magnetic, resilient, and ready for much, even a run!