Sweet Pain!

In 1996, a Pakistani artist by the name of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan released a song called Sweet Pain (from the album Night Song).  I find it sort of a meditative song I’ve listen to for year, but basically on feelings (I don’t understand one blessed word in that joint!).  But if you are up to experience something new, or something from another culture, check this song out. It’s one of my favorites.

ING MIAMI 2013 medal

During and after a marathon, you can have tremendous aches and pain.  I love running half marathons.  They are challenging, shorter, and sweet when you’ve reaches the end.  I say sweet because after you reach that finish line, you’ll be so happy that you don’t have to go yet another 13.1 miles, you may have an unnatural feeling to kiss the ground!  Yes, I asked myself, “Who da hell signed me up for this again?”  Oh, yeah, I remember.  I did.

Today I am feeling more accomplished for testing my Spirit beyond what I wouldn’t consider many days to be a good idea.  The training took months, and we all know a Full marathon can take a lot out of you (energy, denying yourself some pleasures, etc).  Yes it requires much commitment, dedication, stick-to-it-ness, but you walk away gaining much knowledge of yourself.  And for this, it was all worth the pain.

Some people begin their journey to health by incorporating exercise activities slowly, and some people just rush into trying to conquer Rome in one day.  You’ll find it’s better to do things mindfully and at your own pace.  If not, then you run the risk of getting injured, having a heart attack or a stroke, or really overdoing it so much that you feel 91 years older the next day (sort of how I felt the minute I completed 26.2 miles Sunday).

Whenever I let my body get a bit out of shape, and neglected my exercise regimen for a couple of weeks (trying to ‘make that money’ on a marathon of shifts at the hospital), I’d try to compensate sometimes by “doing too much” as soon as I get a chance.  The body has a funny way of paying you back, not necessarily on a Friday, but the following day.

Labor of Love

OYE!  Yes you will be achey, and painful when you start moving parts you haven’t moved in weeks, months, years, or decades. That pain, my friend, is what I affectionately call “sweet pain.”  It should not stop you, but encourage you to keep going, improving on your beautiful self.  Within a couple of weeks of engaging in regular exercise activities, that pain will slide into the valley of nothingness (for the most part).  And when you feel that sweet pain again, you’ll call it by it’s rightful name, stop making excuses, and get to moving again.  Oh, and it’s best to have something motivating you to do what you have to do to stay well.  Do it for you, your family, your God, your community.  Heck, the next time you go shopping at Wal-Mart, just take a long look at that scooter parked in the entrance.  This might just be enough of a good starting point for you.