Follow Love

A few people may be intimidated by the inscription on the back of  my “i am a Running Nurse” T-Shirt which says, “Run Fearless Or Go Home,” but let me explain this motto.  We know that fearlessness is an adjective for lacking fear.  So let me start from there.

Many times in my life I’ve desired certain things.  Some were material things, and some not so material, but if you close one eye (without that frown on your face) and listen to what I have to say, you might see that some Spiritual endeavors are also in the mix.

 So, I don’t want to be a Mother Theresa, an Obama, Oprah, E.G. White, or Dali Lama, but I do strive, with every meager Christian attempt, each day, to attain to a higher realm of physical, social, mental and Spiritual existence.  I do it for me, and not for anyone or anything else.  Really.  ‘Cause when I say I do it for God, I find I don’t stay so long en la lucha (in the fight).

Don’t cringe just yet.  I will explain what I mean, or pardon my ignorance in advance.  I am not a theologian, but from my modest brought-upsy, I learned you have to live for God and do everything for His/It’s glory.  Now that’s all good and dandy, but sometimes we get lost and forget who we’re working for.  Yup, that old dignifies ego sets in, and ruins everything!  But I find that in my honest attempt to do something for me, because it’s the right thing to do (“I will guide you with mine own eyes”), because “out of the heart are the issues of life,” I figure I’ll be honest with myself and follow this blue-print–the one written on my heart.

Following your heart, what you love, help you become a balanced person.  If the heart, mind, and Spirit are at odds, you’re not gonna get that plane on the runway.  I find that the works of your hands has to be intimately personal (Not doing it for money, a man, parents, or a your dear puppy).  As to the question what about God?  Well, “In him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28),” so there it is.  Covered!

I believe we each have a particular work to do here on earth, and it is beautifully sketched all over the heart.  You definitely don’t have the power to put it there, but it’s there.  So, if the desire is good, true, honest, just and of a good report, then why not live it?   We’ve not come to this beautiful place to breathe, take up space, waste, use, give a little (to pay the blasted bills), and exit the scene in despair and disillusionment.  No Sir (and Ma’am too)!

Many of us would love to do something meaningful, but fear of this, that, the nosy neighbor, the judge, the unknown, has cripple the vast majority of earthlings.  We are not bound by fear (That energy scatters us), but by Love which unifies.

OYE!  I’m many things to many people (…sometimes not so good of a thing.  Oh well!), but I am a runner, a health enthusiast, a wellness promoter, a Running Nurse, and I strive do my best at these.  So when you see me on the road, it’s not fear that compels me to take the next (sometimes painful) step.  It’s love.  And all the judges out there can be at ease, put down their gavel, and watch me from their seats try to stomp the mortality rate in the chronic diseases epidemic.  Fearlessly!  Ain’t a damn thing wrong with being in the minority.  This one here is following Love.