Something’s Gotta Give

The song by Ella Fitzgerald, “Something’s Gotta Give,” popped into my mind as I contemplated my half marathon yesterday (one I didn’t have to pay for).  I had it rough on “Move Your Butt Monday”something I promote on my FB page, when I was supposed to catch up on a 9 miles run which I shorted on Sunday (I only got 4 miles in due to going to bed late because of a Saturday night drama I don’t care to share on this bonafide portal).  So I ran short of 5 miles, and had deferred them till monday.

When you are training for a marathon (26.2 miles run), you will have many obstacles in your way: babysitter’s grandma died a second time, the dog chewed up you favorite running shoes, your boss gave you 10 more projects to complete in a week, you have a sick family member to tend to, that blasted flu epidemic circling around your city like a buzzard and grabbed you, the freezing weather outside wont go away, you injured a toe while running, your supervisor scheduled you to work 100 shifts in a row…  The list can literally go on.

Some hinderance are legit.  Many things can get in the way of your training, if you let them.  When that flew had me down just recently, I tried to lift a trembling (chills-ridden) toe off the bed, but…  I couldn’t.  It made me sad and nearly depressed, but everyday I tried fruitlessly to beat that flu the old fashioned way.

As a child, when I was sick with tonsillitis and Gram Emma cared for me, she would bring me soup, tea, some nasty bush medicine that tasted like arsenic (so i thought), and when that fever was broken and I still lingered in bed feeling sorry for myself, a simple “Get your ass up!” from my grams got me out and about.  It worked, yes it worked. Like that bad medicine. Back then…

So I can truly say “I tried, Gram Emma, I did.”  But telling myself the few fiery seasoned words she would leave as a last resort did not work for me this time.  I had to let that mess take it’s course.  And it ran operated on the same clock good old Methuselah operated on.

Getting back to Yesterday’s run, I put on my favorite yellow “I am a Running Nurse,” t-shirt, laced up my favorite Saucony Cortana shoes,put a few snacks in my running pouch, grabbed a bottle with coconut water in it, and dashed out the door.  My training has not been perfect and timely, but hell yes I’ve been training.  Yesterday I ran 13.11 miles in 2:09:46!  The best PR (Personal Record) ever!  My ING Miami 2013 Marathon is coming up this Sunday, and something’s got to damn right give!

OYE!   I take my running seriously.  I run to promote health and raise awareness that chronic diseases (heart diseases, high bloodpressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc) need not bother us if we make simple lifestyle changes (see the box) and stick with them.  Do the body right!  If you are training for a mile run, 5K, 10K, half or full marathon, don’t give up.  Run obstacles into the ground, when you are strong enough. So consult with your doctor to see if you can physically attempt what you wish, smile, and do it.  A few more days of running (easy 3-5 milers) and I am making a stand to stomp chronic diseases in that ING 2013 Miami Marathon.  Yeahhhhhh!