Run Fearless or Go Home!

Yesterday as I was running my longest run of the week and stopped to change the music playing on my Nike Plus program (just before it died), an elderly man saw me looking sweaty and disheveled and said, “I guess you’re going home.” When I understood he was referring to the message on the back of my “i am a Running Nurse” t-shirt, “Run Fearless or Go Home,” I laughed out loudly and said to him, “Yeah. That’s the direction I am headed.”

Running long miles is not easy, but when training for a marathon, they are very important.  The  long miles helps one build endurance and mental toughness.  The sun was hot and I felt my scalp boiling (was wearing a visor).

It is easier running in long miles with an organized group who offers Gatorade and water at designated points, but if you are not that privilege and well… love doing your own thing, then make sure you  priorly scope out a few convenient stores or gas stations along the way where you can hop in and out quickly to purchase some hydrating liquids.

My run was started with a bottle of coconut water in hand, which I refilled with water along Hollywood Boardwalk.  The water quickly ran out, and I filled up at a rest area at the end of Dania Beach.  I was burning up and most of this water I poured on my head to ease the singe on the crown of my exposed head.

The way back was rough because of a few factors, but mainly because I was sweating bullets, ran out of water, and didn’t have the strength to go off tract in search of a another water fountain.

A few miles down the road, just in time before I kissed the ground, I was fortunate to find a small Mom & Pop convenience store, grab me a yellow Gatorade, and ran out the door.  But as I stepped out the door and was trying to open the bottle, a Puerto Rican born, New York-transplant, and used-to-be-the-store owner lady started questioning me about my run, and the next thing I knew, a couple of minutes had gone by.

“Besides training for my race, I run to stomp chronic diseases,” I said to the lady, bid her good day, and headed back in the sweltering heat.  A few meters down the street, I burst out laughing once again at what the elderly gentleman said to me earlier.  I may have appeared like a “Looney” running down the street, but that laugh made my feet feel a tad bit lighter.

OYE!  Four changeable health risk behaviors are held responsible for increased morbidity – poor physical activity, poor diet, smoking, and alcohol abuse. You can change your life.  Consult with your doctor, and be fearless about making changes in your health.  Do you, and be an example so others can follow.  Run fearless, know your limits, and run safe!