Easy Like Sunday Morning and Slow As a Snail

Yesterday late Morning I went to tackle the beach for a long run.  Hadn’t done that in some time but at about 6 miles into the run I realized what prompted me to take on such feat was an episode of insanity.  We all know no one– not even a good nurse–is totally immune from these.

The run started easy on Sunny Isles Beach.  Before I stretched/warmed up, I tried to take in the powerful scene before me.  The wind was blowing hard.  The seas were rough washing up on the shoreline.  The sky sketched out a dark, angry, overcast day.  I thought it would rain.  It didn’t.

There were many people on the beach.  All colors.  Many nationalities.  How I love South Florida!  I felt good!  The only thing missing was some tropical music in the air, so I turned on my music.  Despite the gloom painted on the sky, I beamed a smile at the Russian couple sitting under an red umbrella (WHY?).  They couldn’t resisted smiling back at me (maybe they thought I was mad!).

Did I already mentioned I felt good?  When I completed 3 miles down at the end of the beach where the inter-coastal kisses the ocean, my legs were starting to feel like two elephant were holding on to them.  The sand got softer at this end–I was bogging and the water was a good 2-3 inches above my ankles (hydrotherapy for that sore bone on the side of my right foot?).  The one good thing I had going for me was my breathing.  I ran all those miles closed lips.  So, my legs were not tired because of acidosis.  Many times I had to glance down at them to make sure I hadn’t developed a conditioned called elephantitis (elephantiasis).  Clearly my legs had the mumps and weren’t planning on taking me all the way to 12.0 miles.

At the six miles mark, I was running like a crippled granny and hoping the GPS on the phone was in grave error because of the highly dense cloud factor.  At some point I think I was running at a Methuselah pace of 14:35 minute mile (a nice strol/walkl in the park).  Man did I want to give up!

Thank Divine Providence for something called willpower which showed itself just in time to nurture a highly injured and critically ill pride I was dragging along.  Just surviving.  No.  No.  I mean, I was breathing well, but barely making a foot in front of the other.

OYE!  Was it not because I posted on my Facebook Page that my run schedule required 12.0 miles on Sunday… Was it not because I hate giving up….  Was it not because I hate giving up and then having to nurture my pride—I kept standing, and moving, and breathing, and well…I did it!  Running can take a good bunch of energy away from you (I burned about 1200 calories yesterday) and make you feel depleted at the end of long runs, but today I am feeling privileged and blessed.  I got my fill yesterday, my rest today, and I have to run an easy 4 miles tomorrow.  Yeah!