This Holiday Season, Why Not Cast Your Ballot For Your Health?

This post-election day I find myself contemplating the number of people who went out to cast their vote to elect the president of the United States.  The vote was decided, and although Florida is still having a senior moment in counting the votes, America has solidly elected a president.

I couldn’t help but imagine a mass movement of people–nationally and internationally–casting their vote for health in a massive way.  Imagine the money that a nation could save if people were gun-hoed (sp?) about their health?  Imagine how much more creative and productive a nation could be if the majority were functioning at optimal health and fitness level?

As a foreigner living in this land, a Central American by birth, I’ve always marveled at the ingenuity, productivity, and peculiar service excellence America afforded.

Things have slowly been changing over a decade or so.  What I’ve noticed is a nation becoming sicker and sicker.  A nation  becoming less productive, with the services outsourced to a far away non-English-speaking remote part of the world.  But we have a robust healthcare system (great in number), infiltrating every city, with every specialty, even with one-stop-shop drop by for a pill pop creative sick-care spots.

OYE!  With the nation’s healthcare spending extremely high and chewing the life out of our families (personally and financially) and the economy, it is time we get serious and take it personal.  Time to cast our ballots for HEALTH and consequently our wealth will follow. With this being said, I am heading out to get a start on my day, promoting health.  Later today, I will attempt to run on the beach and hopefully that pain I felt a few days ago on my left foot has gone deep south (in the bush, and underground!).