Still Waiting On Hurricaine Isaac

Late this morning I was bored while waiting for some action by Hurricane Isaac to reach us here in Jefferson county (Lousiana), so I headed to Lafreniere Park for a run in nature.

The sun was shinning on the way to the park.   The streets were almost empty except for a few motorist, and the stores were almost all closed with the exception of a small shop claiming to have food & liquor, and some gasoline stations.   I made a quick visit to Home Depot hoping to find a small radio, but the store was also closed, with a guard in front armed with an ugly long riffle (I guess) to scare off hoodlums .

At arriving at the park I noticed very few people out.  I counted about 5 folks enjoying a good quiet stroll in nature–before the unforeseen chaos comes our way.

I ran one mile to warm up, but for some reason felt I was disrupting the peace in the park, so I traded my running plans for a slow meditative walk.

While walking, I heard the loud song of the crickets coming from the oak trees.  There was a rooster hollering at the side, and I took a picture of him delivering his solo.  A squirrel stood still posing in stretch mode while I snapped a few shots, then a big overweight bumble bee crashed on my right temporal area (on the side of my head), almost knocking me down.  Really!

Mr. Rooster, the soloist!

Mr. Squirrel getting a morning stretch.

It took me a few minutes to get over that bumble bee crash, but I did.  The brief walk made me appreciate Lafreniere Park even more.  The creatures living there know how to live in the moment.  The friendly ducks were out sun/water bathing.  A  few of these followed me (probably thinking I had food) while others were having a pre-hurricane party under the tall oak trees on the other side of the pond.

Interesting scene across the bridge…

I was impressed to crossed a bridge, off the walking/running track, and was in for a pleasant surprise.  I found a Falcon (I think it’s one) socializing with two other birds.  One white bird flew away while I was fumbling to adjust my camera.  I thought to myself, maybe the falcon was giving the other birds a weather report.  After a few snaps, he was left standing alone.  My heart jumped at this wonder.  I was once told that falcons are very intelligent and intuitive birds.

As I got closer to take more shots, the falcon  flew away carrying a piece of white object.  He pitched in a nearby tree, and I followed him (or her) to take more pictures.   He pitched in a nearby tree.  While trying to take a few close-up shots of the bird in the tree, he dropped the object he was carrying close to my feet.  I didn’t pick it up just in case he wanted his meal, so I got a close up of the sponge-like object with my camera.  It resembled a big peace of white bread.  I called it Manna.


The gathering


Show off! Wish I could fly…



Can you see the falcon in this tree?










 I was told that falcons have a spiritual meaning:  staying steadfastly and one-pointedly focused on one’s life purpose.  I guess this is the reason why I was impressed to walk the rest of the way instead of running.  There was a message in nature for me.

Early this morning, the treasurer of my mom’s church called to inquire how we were doing in the storm.  In this conversation she said something that heightened my confidence about our safety in Hurricane Isaac, “My heavenly Father, who is also within the storm, told me it will be all right.”  If He is also in the storm, I can deduce that He also exists (omnipresent) within the falcon that dropped me a message and what I called a peace of manna (that white bread-like looking stuff he held in his talon).  I will take this as an encouragement to keep running and promoting health.

OYE!  Some things that presents in our lives may seem insignificant, “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty (1 Corinthians 1:27).”  There are millions of people perishing every year because of preventable “lifestyle (chronic)” diseases.  They seek solution in a plethora of managed medicines, some which are potent but critical for them to control their diseases.  I will continue to run and spread awareness that cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers, high cholesterol, and the likes, are making us sick and killing people unnecessarily.   It seems very simple, PREVENTION IS KEY, yet some folks find this hard to digest and process.