What About That Sports Bra?

Friday morning I ran 6 miles in Lafreniere Park in 1:01:25 time.  I felt great the first four miles, and decided to run the last two  miles on the grass.   My right heel (I have a history of a heel spur) was gnawing at me even though I had applied a piece of black  Kinisiology tape on the site prior to the run.

Running on natural surfaces works best for me, but it is a bit more taxing. There was a time when I only ran on natural surfaces (beach, trails, etc), but since last year, I’ve made a transition to running on more un-natural surfaces because the group I was training with trained on the street.

The last two miles of my run was a bit more tough because I was running on the grass, but what really troubled me more than this was the darn sports bra I was wearing.  These sort of things can make a great difference in a girl’s run if the stars do not line up right (if you know what I mean).

That black sport’s bra I was wearing was like a thorn in my brown flesh.  Literally!  I would have love to stop and fling that thing of but instead, I grabbed a mantra and changed my focus to something more pleasant so I could complete the run.

I have two good performance sports bra, both made by Under Armor.  I’m not making one cent of commission from saying this, but I’ve purchased other sports bras and they were not as supportive to the sisters as this brand was for me.  The bra I wore for this run was a black STRAY bra I’ve had for a while.  I only wore it because it matched the running gear I wore.  That was that.  So I punished just to look fashionable.    As a woman, we often make sacrifices to look just right.  As a child, I remember my eldest sisters would say, “looking good is sometimes painful.”  It’s like a normal price to pay…some days.

OYE  No two people are alike.  You have to find out what works best for you, which means you may have to buy several brands of sports bra until you find a winner.    Please let us know which one works for you and why.