Sometimes You Have To Mix It Up

Today I did not check the forecast before I headed over to Lafreniere Park.  In a robotic mode I woke up early this morning, quickly got dressed, slapped a visor cap on my head, and hit the road. I kept my foggy eyes peeled on the road and not the sky.

On arriving at the park I warmed up (they say it helps prevent injury) for about 10 minutes and then started my run.  Within half mile I felt a few drops of rain on my skin and looked up to notice a heavy dark and ominous sky.  At completing one mile and a half, I noticed the ducks lining up in a row in the pond.  Drizzle, drizzle.  Steady.  I was feeling warm inside and euphoric about being immersed in nature.  Right after completing one revolution of the trail (2 miles), a storm and all it’s relatives came out of the heavy sac in the sky, but I was determined to complete 6 miles.  So, I pressed on.

At about Mile 3 the devil (this is what some church folks would say) made it storm and the rain dropped harder and harder.  Being a healthcare professional, I wouldn’t advise anyone to try this.  It’s just that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I’ve got two stubborn parents, and one who is dancing with cancer at the moment (mother)–it is she who I devoted the run to.  And I wasn’t backing down except if I saw the sky opening up and I saw sweet Jesus.

By at about mile 5, my iPhone I used to listen to music got a bit sensitive to the lightning, had a seizure, and froze.  I wasn’t a bit scarred, running in the rain has always been fun to me.  I felt like a child.  There were only two other people out enjoying the run.  When it started to drizzle, just about everyone ran to the four corners like roaches do in the alley when light come on. There were two men, a young guy running a pretty fast paste going opposite of my direction, and another bare-back elderly  man jogging a pace of about 14 or 15 min/mile.  The rain soon became stronger and I was left alone.  Running to be free, and feeling free.

Champions Square (for N.O. Saints!) WHO DAT!?

For the past two weeks it has been boiling in New Orleans.  Not only was the temperature high, my attitude was also boiling because my New Orleans Saints lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Friday night–but we will soon forget this.

As I mentioned, the heat has been rough and unbearable.  Two days ago my stubborn mother tried going for a walk by herself, and a few minutes later stumbled back into the house grasping for her breathing inhaler!  She scarred the hell out of one of my sisters, but I think she learned her lesson. You can’t mess with this kinda humidity-drenched heat!  No monsieur.

So it behooves one to run at the crack Jehovah’s-Witness of dawn!  And so I’ve also learned my lessons and decided to start my devotions (quick ones) in the morning, followed by running or cross training.

In the Big Easy

Although I love Lafreniere Park, I’m getting the feeling that it’s time to explore other places where runners congregate  in this here “Big Easy” joint.  It is often good for runners to mix up their routine and mix up the places where we run because monotony can un-motivate (or de-motivate?)  you if you run the same course every blessed day.

The chickens, ducks, and other breathing creatures living in Lafreniere park are nice, friendly, and fun to observer, but they tell me that SERIOUS runners congregate at Audubon Park.  So, I will definite check that place out for you and hit you up on this modest medium with my report pretty soon.

OYE!  According to the CDC report, Louisiana is the second fattest state in the nation, and my darling Florida ranks 32nd.  I recall from back in my teens a very popular New Orleans commercial which stated, “We live to eat.”  I am hoping this mindset would soon change since the news of obesity being intimately related to chronic and preventable diseases has been widely publicized.  New Orleans folks are very jolly, polite, and friendly folks.  I love them for many things, especially because they do not blow their car horns here like they are mad (like Miami motorist do) when one stalls at a red light turning green.  I want to kiss each and everyone of them for this.  They are beautiful people.  But we need a crowd of nurses and healthcare professionals to raise the standard, set a good example, and take new Orleans by a storm (okay, let’s just leave those Beignet here though…) teaching and promoting good habits of health.