Shut It Down!

Yesterday I dragged myself for a late run at Lafreniere Park in Metairie, Louisiana, despite the two dissenting voices of inner dialogue in my head.  They say it’s okay to talk to yourself.  Yup.   Many folks do this.  It’s become a norm in this here busy society.  It’s could be the human way of doing checks and balances to analyze our own actions .   They say it may even be acceptable to answer yourself sometimes.

It is interesting how people oftentimes paint the villain voice as red and the good, reasoning, and cautious voice as white or some other color.  I hope we have here established that the chattering voices (c0nscience) are just…there, and unless you are a Buddhist or a “clear” Church of Scientology or something, they may stick around for a lifetime.   Now, since the powers of be maintain it’s okay and quite normal that these two little voices are present, let us move on to what is not normal.  Pathology seems to get some folks excited, so let me not delay in bring this news to you.  If you find that these two voice  are bickering and they are getting louder and louder– SEEK HELP!

Running is part of who I am.  It’s not the best thing that has ever happened to me, but I sure feel thankful that I am among a group of nurses who take great delight in running.   Although I love to run, I don’t feel like running everyday.  No sir!  Surely you can understand this.  Yesterday I tested my own spirit.  As I blankly stared at the door, my eyelids were weighing me down to the ground.  They felt like they weighed a ton!  You see, the rain that was falling made me want to run upstairs and snuggle up in a nice sheet and declare it a day of rest.

The voices went like this, “No you cant run so late in the evening…in the rain.  Run tomorrow (red one),” and the other voice (white one) said to me “Girl, get yourself together!  You are training for a half marathon.  Remember?”  So I summoned some good ‘ole willpower and I flew out the door before these became any noisier.  I helped myself to the door, and once the keys hit the ignition and I put the pedal to the medal, the voices became history.

OYE!  When the moment unhealthy inertia hit you, you have to shut it down!  You won’t always  find yourself feeling “it’s party-time” about running everyday.  This is okay.  What helps me to hit the road is that I know to set goals that keep me steadfast on my plan.  You can set  goals by signing up to run in a marathon event: 5k, 10K, 1/2 marathon or marathon.  I have a half marathon even in Lisbon Portugal, and I better train for this event because I’m a Running Nurse and I run to promote awareness that we are suffering from chronic disease epidemic, THE NUMBER ONE killer in the world.  The best news is that chronic diseases (also called lifestyle diseases) are PREVENTABLE! This is the best medicine.  Let’s teach the new generation this, and set ourselves up for a healthier future.