Running Lafreniere Park

Today I ran 4 miles in Lafreniere Park, in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana.  The park is a beautiful, well-manicured and well-kept park.  Every0one seems to be enjoying the place, even the roosters, chickens, ducks, and birds flying around.

I pulled up kind of late in the morning after 7 am and the park was not so crowded.  I was told that it is usually bustling at about 5-6 am… you know…when the serious runners come out.  In this park you will find many amenities: water fountains, family picnic areas, landscaped gardens, fishing, tot-lots, paths, trails, boating, soccer and softball fields, man-made ecological marsh environment, a dog park, a championship Frisbee golf course, carousel, and a conference center.

The atmosphere at Lafreniere Park was very relaxing and you can’t beat that good ‘ole Southern hospitality and niceness of Louisiana people.  I found the people are very friendly.  They smile, wish you a good morning, and even move out of the way for faster folks.

I was highly impressed with the cleanliness of the park, availability of dog-liter bags/baskets, water fountains/sprinklers, and rest-room facilities.  I’m not sure what all those chickens are doing at this park, but this park may be a good place to grab a meal!  Well, at least for some folks who are not vegetarians.

Last week was a rough week for my family and I.  We learned my mother has inoperable thyroid cancer that has been a recurrent nuisance for all for about 9 years.  Medicine and surgery has given her no hope, but we decided to go boldly, not to fight cancer, but to try make right the root causes.  “One in 4 deaths in the United States is due to cancer.”  “ A total of 1,638,910 new cancer cases and 577,190 deaths from cancer are projected to occur in the United States in 2012.” We will not let fear get the best of us, but will hold fast to what positive beam of light is revealed.  In my 19 years of nursing I’ve had the unique opportunity to see many miracles take place.  I pray there is one in the basket for my mom.  This is one of the reasons I run.  

OYE!  Cancer has robbed the lives of many of our loved ones.  We have many well-meaning organizations that have declared war on cancer, but we really could benefit from these institutions having a massive campaign focusing on some of the root causes of the cancers that are preventable.

A serious campaign focusing on lifestyle modification (smoke cessation, exercise, balanced diet, stress reduction, etc) could put a good dent in the numbers above. 

Let’s pass this good news on! 


Xtra Pics!

I get the feeling these birds were left from the Mastedon age?



Anyone else up for the challenge???


Dogs get to have fitness in the sun fun too!