Run Fearless!

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This week I’ve bumped up my training schedule to include more speed-work and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises.  I’m running at most 3 times a week, and we will see how this works out.

You see, a runner can run for decades at the same boring pace and still stay in decent shape, never running a minute faster.  If you don’t mix things up to improve yourself, you will always be running the same speed, the same routine, and having about the same results whether you like racing or you just run around your neighborhood to stay fit .

If you don’t push yourself a bit, you will find yourself hanging with the turkeys or the ducks at the bottom of the line in a race.  If this is the spot where you dreamed of settling in, so be it.  But if you are in the sport of running to have fun, push yourself, improve your personal record (PR) or personal best and grow as an athlete, then why hang with the ducks or turkeys?  Run with the lions and lionesses instead!

This is what I told myself this week.  I’ve got the stamina to run a half and a full marathon.  For me, it’s really a mental thing.  When I’ve paid the money to run in a race, I will do it to completion despite the perils of the event and long miles.   I hate quitting something I enjoy and love dearly.  I was born to run.  In my own rights, I guess.  I enjoy running, and certainly get a weird sense of high when I see other folks running.  And I also get a weirder sense of high when I encourage a person to explore the sport and they give it a chance.  Really!

OYE!  If you have taken up the sport of running for one reason or another, and you want to keep doing your thing, don’t get sidetracked by the naysayers and the folks spending their lives sitting on the couch or the bench. These folks don’t know that sitting disease is making folks ill and killing many people. They will tell you all sorts of negative stuff like “You already look great.  Why are you running like a health freak?”  You may also hear them say, “I don’t think you aught to loose one more pound.  It won’t look good on you because you have thick bones ( Dont’ worry, I’ve got to look this one up too).”  Some folks might even be brave to say to you, “Your entire family is healthy (thick and chunky), don’t you know you cannot beat your genetics?  Now let’ head on over to the Golden Corral and eat all we can eat!.”  Now, I know you are reading this post because you want to learn a few things about running from a Running Nurse’s perspective, and/or you want to be in the number of people trying to avoid getting chronic diseases, so listen up!  Turn blind eyes and ears to the folks who are hanging with ducks and turkeys, and run with the lioness!  You will not regret it.