What About That Toddler?

Hollywood Beach, Florida

Hello everyone!  I went ahead and declared the day, FEARLESS SUNDAY.  Since cleared by my podiatrist to run, I’ve been sort of fearful of re-injuring my Achilles tendon.  Feeling some fear after injury is normal, but once I summoned that indomitable spirit and head to the door, my mind’s fear disappear life a big cockroach in a New Orleans French Quarter’s alley.

For the past week It’s been a bit of a challenge running a 5K, but I regained my focus and am back on the road training for a half-marathon I will be running in Lisbon, Portugal, soon in September.  I can’t wait to go so I can learn what nurses are doing to stray well in that country.  I hope I meet a few Running Nurses  on the course, and cant wait to share my experience with you.

Today I got an early start on the beach before the sun’s scorching heat got wild and crazy.  Once I got so darkly parched while in the sun that my mother said one night she confused me for a duppy (a Roatan lingo for seeing a ghost), and so she has to squint her eyes and focus on my front teeth to recognize me.   I only know that the darkness is just a blessing from the sun in whose light I find much delight. I would not survive well in cold, dark places.  Will leave that up to those big birds they call roaches down there in New Orleans that has the tenacity to survive anything (even Katrina).  But, today is said to be hitting up there in the 90′s, so I have to respect this.

Early this morning while on my 5 miles run, I observed people out and exercising with many resolves and challenges.  There was two people running who seems to have previously had a stroke.  One was with a grossly contracted arm (loss of ability to extend) and a dropped foot.  Hey, did I say they were running?!  I also had the unique privilege of seeing a person  with a barace on one leg run on crutches!  How brave and exciting!  This should help me remember to chump some excuses up in the garbage the next time my mind tries to play tricks on me.  I was amazed at seeing these folks posses the road.    No time for complaining!  Let’s learn to count our blessings.

Today I also witnessed a mother run after her little toddler on the beach.  Baby was feeling awesome, I imagine.  He was bare-feet, and well… mostly bare.  Just the way everyone would like to be, only that it’s legal for toddlers to be in that state, and a few adult brave enough to venture further south to the Haulover “nude” Beach.  CAUTION!  The sights at Haulover could be a a good bit ROUGH on the eye.  Many of those Vitamin D soakers and Sun bathers give little attention to keeping a tight, health, and fit physical appearance.  So if you go that way and suddenly catch a stomach flu, remember that this RunningNurse did warn you.

A recipe for INSANITY! I wonder how she keeps up with all 11 of these?

So let’s get back to that cute little toddler and his busy little self.  I recently read an article reporting the average physical exercise a toddler puts in while running around and exploring their environment.  It was said to amount to an adult running a few miles over an official marathon (30 miles), 83 rounds in a boxing ring, or riding a bike for 82 miles.  The figures seem unbelievable.  Maybe this is because I’ve not had to run behind any of these little rascals lately, but I’ve seen many exhausted-looking parents on beaches and parks, so maybe the numbers do add up.

This means there are many toddlers out there unknowingly helping their folks keep in shape and stay fit, omething to be celebrated!  We must give these little ones much more respect for the work they do on daily basis at home.  If only as they grow, their parents would make more time to prepare and feed them nutritious meals, and also teach them healthy and sustainable good habits.  There are so many young children fighting obesity and adult onset diseases that it’s frightening!  Research suggest that if we keep things the way they are, passing on unhealthy habits to the next generation, parents will soon outlive their children.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but many of you have previously been informed of this terrible reality, so don’t cross your eyes at me.  No it’s not propaganda, but the children are getting sick with adult chronic diseases caused by living a rough lifestyle.  They are fed unconscious foods like those in ready-made, made up in the lab, and heavily advertised processed stuff some people have the nerves to label as “food.”  These only make great recipes for unhealthily addicted, obese, and sickly kids, many who are found to be pre-diabetic and diabetic, pre-hypertensive and hypertensive, obese, with cancer, and a host of adult problems.

OYE! Here are a few tips to help you steer your little ones on the road to good health:

Get your ducks in a row and see about Let's Move!

1.  Feed them real food.  You know, the stuff that comes from nature and not made in the lab, I mean the naturally colorful stuff like fruits and vegetables.  Kids like color.  Help them develop a love for natural foods and not those food-stuff containing myriads of impure and addictive artificial colors, flavoring, and lab-based chemicals and fats.

2.  Take that kid out to the beach, park, or the backyard on a daily basis to get some fun in the sun and some much needed exercise like biking and rollerblading, etc.

3.  Monitor and limit the video games and TV sitings on a daily basis

4.  Teach them how to choose healthy snacks.  The habits they learn will be passed on to the next generation

5.  Take them outdoor with your or to the gym when you go to workout.  I admire my sister who takes her kids to the gym and the others who religiously takes them outside to play in nature.  Kids look forward to this freedom and this could be a great way to break their video game addictions so they can form healthy one

6.  Look up the initiative “Let’s Move!” that Michelle Obama and others have been promoting, and get your little ducks in a row.