It was water-running wednesday yesterday!

Yesterday was water running Wednesday!  So, I am still on running restriction and doing my very best to be patients with the healing process of my Achilles tendon.  Got a new device day before yesterday which is an electrical stimulator to help increase circulation of my Achilles and expedite healing.  So I hope.  This strain on my tendon which caused inflation has literally been a pain in the tush.  Oh well, I will try stay on the positive side of things.  At least I can walk, and type, and sing, and swim.

As a runner, being on the sideline isn’t so easy.  Every time I see a person running or jogging, I want to run and grab hold of  person like a tick on a horse’s behind for a free ride.

WHY ME?!!! I asked, but with a little introspection and reflection, I soon answered the question (Check out this older post) and got out of that virulent funk I was in for almost two weeks.  Now I am keeping it real and keeping it going.  Maybe this happened to me so I could warn you of what things not to do.  I like this line of reasoning best.

The yoga, cycling, and free weights have been very helpful in me keeping my sanity and keeping in shape.   I was also happy that I didn’t have to wear that ugly black boot nor crutches, but I am ready to run.  Well, at least mentally and Spiritually.

Here are a few things that has helped me with this Achilles Tendonitis so far:

  • Stretching the foot when waking up in the mornings and during the evenings
  • I found the heel hurts even more on awakening in the morning from being in the dropped position (extended) for so long.  Wearing a stability splint at night (Not too comfortable. Still not used to it) or just letting the bottom of the foot rest on the footboard or headboard (for the ones who do not have a footboard) while sleeping (especially laying on the back).
  • Warm/Cold compresses
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines (like Ibuprofen, Motrin)
  • Gel Heel Cup insole shoe inserts
  • Wearing a little heel like 1-1.5 inches sometimes during the day gave some relief
  • Restraining from running (roughest one of the remedies–at least mentally)
  • Not doing too much!  Resting from rigorous physical activities like jumping and the likes

Despite the valuable lessons I’ve learned, prevention is the best key when it comes to any injury.  Because of my sometimes very-hard- headed-wanna-do-things-my-way attitude, I often get in a bit of trouble.  But with each rough spot I pass through in life, trust me, I learn my lessons and move the hell on.

OYE! It’s good to be hard-headed about doing some things, especially doing the things which could add years of health to your life for instance, eating right, exercising, having a positive outlook, etc.  Surviving a spinach food poison should not require you to write off eating Spinach, right?  I love running for many reasons, especially for the health benefits it gives me.  Also, it’s the closest I get to feeling like I am flying, but moderation and some caution is oftentimes required when you are involved in high impact sport as such.  So for now, I have to keep running–only in DEEP WATER.