Feeling Crapy? Brush It Off and Keep It Moving

That is what I had to tell myself, brush it off and keep it moving.  It’s been over two weeks since we last dropped a note on this portal and I cannot come up with one good reason other than I was feeling crappy and mad at myself.  My training was going well, despite a nagging ache coming from my right heel when I ran 13.2 miles a week after Madrid Marathon with a pair of running shoes I should have taken the time to break in.  This indeed compounded the problem with that sore heel even before Madrid.  The only shoes I could walk in without pain were high heels.

Considering the possibility of having another injury left me buried deep down in the dumps emotionally (the darn pain just would not go away!) and I didn’t know how to come to terms with the “what if it is…” ruminating in my mind.  After two weeks of running like one leg was shorter than the next, Ice/warm compressions, extra stretching, and slapping a Tiger-Balm patch on the heel on a daily basis, I painfully concluded I need to see a doctor.  Nothing rubs a good nurse’s nerve like having to pay a visit to a doctor when you have had decades of dealing with ‘em, but thank God for doctors. 

I have a nagging family member/friend, also a registered nurse, Kyle R. from Northern Cali, who bugs the hell out of me  every-time I’ve suffered an injury while running.  Sticks and stones can break a sister’s bones, but this man’s words scratch my nerves like a new Brillo Pad on a cheap Walmart pot!  And you need good functioning nerves to run, so you know how I try to avoid him like a plague.  Kyle, it is not my age ‘ole boy.  It’s just that there are rules in running.  Some folks break rules and have a fantasma way of avoiding injuries (just like some folks have a tendency to speed and avoid getting tickets), and  some folks break running rules and snag their leg, foot, heel, or something like that.  They say age is only a matter of the mind O.K?

Lately yoga, stationary cycling twice a week, core strengthening exercises, free weights, and trying to run in the sea (once) has been my thing.  I tried running two blocks two weeks ago and a steady pain like a nagging hospital house supervisor was still riding that right heel.  I went straight to the storage to rummaged for that ‘ole ugly black boot I paid with an arm and an inch of my liver a year back.  I kept it just in case I needed to pay a visit to a doctor who might come up with some medical jargon I’d have a hard time understanding and would have to give him a boot.  Okay, I’m keeping it for posterity or to ward off the bad eye or evil spirits.

I wonder why is it that nurses, in genera (at least the ones I know), and the indigent seem to be the last people to holler at a doctor when needing help.  I should have paid a visit to that physician when I got back from Madrid because that heel bothered me quite a bit during that 26.2 miles run.  When I finally mustered up the courage to see the doctor, I went with a prayer on my lips hoping that ‘ole boy had also minored in the art of magic while he was chilling in medical school, just in case I need it.  It would have been rough having to wear that boot again.

OYE!  It’s all good.  I’ve learned a few lesson once again.  Stretching is important.  You have to break in new tennis shoes prior to running long miles in them.   You should walking in them a few days and do very short runs to progressively work them into the long miles.  I know this.  Just thought I had it like that! If you have a persistent problem, don’t be hard headed and continue running despite having days of warning and progressive pain. This could be serious and you would only be adding insult upon insult.  Just keep in mind that ugly black boot of mine.  It is pure unadulterated torture not being able to run for months.  Call and make an appointment to see your podiatrist or sport’s medical doc or primary physician if you have persistent pain despite home remedies like hot and cold compresses, rest, Salompas and Tiger Balm pads/rubs, etc.  I am blessed.  Seems I have an inflamed tendon that has been overworked, abused, and mistreated.  Will see my doctor again next week and hope he’s had ample time to brush up on his magic.  I am ready to run!  Maybe…