Nurses Week A Recovery Week

A runner must learn the importance of recovery days.  They are said to be just as important or more important than training days.  As you work hard at training to improving form, distant and speed, your body undergoes the wear and tear causes by the sport.  Recovery days are days when some runner get total rest or do a mild workout like a cross training day such as yoga, Salsa, Zumba, cycling, swimming, or walking. One running nurse, Jonathan C. from California said, “I need at least a complete day off from running. No running for 2 days is my routine after going hard for 5 days, but it’s trial and error.   You work with what’s best for you.”  Like Nurse Jonathan, taking two recovery days (one being a day of complete rest) has also worked best for me.

Recovery is good for building up, rejuvenating, and remodeling tissues.  Failing to take recovery days could set you up for injuries and getting annoying colds. Still some runner opt to make their recovery days a light jog for 20-30  minutes where they run 1-2 minute below their usual running pace.

So make sure you remember to take your recovery days seriously.  Else you could get injured and end up on two crutches like I have twice.  Believe me, this was pure unadulterated misery!

As we mentioned in previous posts, this is National Nurses week.  In fact, I cannot get enough of mentioning this and will write about it all week and every chance I get because….hell, I am a nurse.  And I am a bit disgruntled that I had to call my family to remind them to wish me a “Happy National Nurse Week.”

Happy Teacher's week ;)

One of my elder sisters (a teacher and also a runner) called me last night to tell me this week is also Teachers Appreciation Week.  I couldn’t believe it.  It appears as if teachers are trying to stomp on our party (if you may call it that).  Why must teachers try to dim and diffuse a nurse’s spotlight?  I mean, why can’t a nurse have one measly week all to herself or himself?  Is this asking too much?

After I posed these simple questions, my sister got a bit teachers-protective and began to explain the disparity between the wages and treatment in both professions.   In a scolding voice she said to me, “JOKER!  WE MADE YOU!”  Then she went on, “All some teachers got this week was a homemade card!”  I was sensing a bit of  hateration disgruntlement and discontent coming from her part at that point, but my nursing instinct kicked in and I started patching up her Spirit (you know, what nurses also do).  Oh well, guess we have to share our week with the folks who “made us.”  Happy Teachers Week to you teacher Sarah! We at RunningNurse love you and appreciate all the hard word teachers do.

OYE!  Nurses need recovery days too.  I don’t see why institutions of health cannot treat us to a day of pampering in a decent spa if they cannot give us an all-paid vacation somewhere in Fiji (to tan our buns in the sun) to rejuvenate.  For now, I guess, we too have to be content with a homemade card.  But this doesn’t mean we cannot declare our own recovery days.  Do what you have to do folks.  I have a recommendation which has to do with running encouraging you to look at yourself, listening to how you are feeling, and give yourself the best gift: caring for yourself by eating right, getting more quality sleep, exercising (consider the benefits of being a RunningNurse) and thinking positive thoughts.  As a whole, we can give the profession much recovery days by encouraging one another to be healthy and by each living a healthy lifestyle.  VIVA NURSE HEALTH!