Run Obstacles Into The Ground!

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” ~ Michael Jordan ~

Run obstacles into the ground.

If you are breathing, facing obstacles is something you should be familiar with.  Obstacles help you test the strength of your will, explore your potentials, and stretch your human boundaries.  A highly engaged will can help you overcome many obstacles.  A strong will is what helps differentiate the wanna be (wanna do) people (dreamers)  from actual doers.   But I want to warn you, some obstacles are not an easy stroll in the park either.  When I decided to train to run a full Marathon (26.2 miles), I was the first to challenge my decision, “I don’t know….it sounds…mad!”  It did not take long for the naysayers to congregate around that thought either.

Some obstacles are physical.  Many of us have limitations we have had to work around, some which are temporary restrictions and other permanent.  I was on crutches 3 times in my life, and I had to find ways to keep it moving.  I’ve learned to like how exercise makes my body feel and am somewhat addicted tot he feeling, so I get withdrawal like symptoms when I cannot move the body (feeling miserable, lifeless, and breathing low and shallow) as I wish.  How I got around the wall of the boot and crutches and continued to do some sort of physical exercise when I was down?   Well, I had an awesome podiatrist/orthopedic doctor who gave me a few options to get me out of my misery (’cause I was probably making his life miserable too).  He cleared me for yoga and biking.  “BIKING?!” I asked, and he nodded in the affirmative and said, “As long as you wear the boot and be careful!”  I thought he had lost his mind, but I was eager to give it a try and so I did, carefully, and in a quiet park.  It felt awesome!  I am not exactly sure why he cleared me for biking with a boot, but I was grateful and in the end all turned out well.  Also, it was at the late phase of my healing and my bone was no longer unstable.

Some individuals have more severe and permanent physical obstacles than others.  For example, a person in a wheelchair or someone with chronic back pain problems cannot dash out the door and run a marathon.  Some folks have more challenges than others.  I recently tried to encourage someone to start engaging in some physical activity and the person gave me an exhaustive list of “My legs, arms, knees, hips, toes….” problems.  You would think the person needed a total body transplant!  Well, when people overcome some of their challenges little by little and lose weight, some do appear as though they’ve had a total body transplant.  Some people see obstacles as total barriers whereas other may view them as a challenges to conquer, like the guy who’ve lost the use of his legs and runs a marathon with his hands in a wheelchair!  I’ve seen some brave people run obstacles into the ground in wheelchairs.  You’ve seen them too.  So, NO EXCUSES (kudos to Achilles International)!

One can simply use the power of the mind to run many obstacles into the ground. We’ve allowed some obstacles to take root in our minds which seem to stand defiantly tall, strong, and very still.  For instance, some people like to say, “I’ve been overweight most of my life.  It’s genetic.” They have convinced themselves of this and never tried  a single thing to gain control of their weight.  I’ve heard someone say, “It’s just that I have a healthy appetite,”  while they eat themselves into an early grave.   Sometimes, all that’s required is for one to dis-believe their own lies and begin life in a whole new direction.  If you believe you can change something, chances are, you will try.  Simply getting people to dismantle the psychological barrier is the first line of challenge a Health Coach may face.  Some folks sometimes know of no other existence than misery because they follow the habits of the previous generations.  The work of a health promoter nurse is to help these people to act otherwise.

Here is an mnemonic I’ve used to help me run obstacles into the ground, BAST, which stands for Believe, Accept/Act, Surrender, and Trust.  I’ve used this system to help me run many obstacles into the ground, including losing a stubborn 10 pounds that was bugging my eye-sight.

BELIEVE:  This sets the stage for your success.  Believe that you deserve to live a healthy life.  Now, believing may not be an easy thing to do.  Science, and just about everything in this society, teaches us by way of a “dis-believe” and “prove-it-wrong” method.  We are taught to believe in all manner of dis-eases and illness more than in our human potential for healing.  We are taught to dis-believe in our strength and oneness, and believe in our weaknesses and separateness.  It’s no wonder sickness seems to prevail!  So if you learn to believe, like Jesus said,  then “all things are possible.”

ACCEPT/ACT:  Accept the challenge to get healthy and Act on it.  By accepting the challenge to run any obstacle in the ground when it comes to your health, you also accept to act in a certain way.  This simply means you will be learning and practicing good habits of health.  This is the challenge you may be called to face yourself.  Nurse, heal thyself!  Be a great representation of the profession which you were called and act worthy of one of the greatest vocations.  How great it is to see a nurse ruling his/her world instead of making diseases rule them.  Accept the call to get healthy, act accordingly, and teach others to do so.

SURRENDER:  This part requires spiritual strength.  We’ve spent much of our years surrendering to the wrong things which seems to take little effort on our part (eg.  Eating an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting at lunch in a shift).  Surrendering to the process you have before you is what I’m referring to.  Everybody’s challenges are different.  One road may lead you to a healthier life and another road may take your neighbor to the same place.  What I mean by surrendering is this.  Once you decide which road to take, don’t judge, hurry the process, expect quantum leap, etc. Be still and know that you are on the right path.  Surrender to this path. Don’t jump off the bandwagon due to impatience and other nuances.  Stick with your process.  Do what it takes.  The end-result will be great.    

TRUST:  Trust in God and in your own God-given power to endure.  Also, trust the process which will unfold in your life in due season.  Banish all the anxiety about the end-result and have fun.  I had a client that lost 20 pound in one month, and wanted to lose 50 more pounds.  Everyday the client grudgingly jumped on the scale, sometimes twice a day, and this only proved to be frustrating.  It wasn’t enough that the client’s clothes and undies were falling off, all indication of weigh-loss progress, but the client wanted to see the number on the scale plunge overnight.  If you take on the challenge to run your weight into the ground, make the experiment  a very positive one by trusting that you are doing all you can and look forward to a healthy body, not the numbers.  See yourself sporting that thong on the beach and go for it!

OYE!  Delight in your process and have fun running your obstacles into the ground.  You will feel better with every one you conquer.   In closing, ponder this quote, “When you climb to the top of the obstacle that is blocking your view, you are able to look at your situation from a different perspective.” ~Lucy MacDonald~