Running Under The Blue Light

Running outdoor under the blue sky feels like being hugged by the light of day.  I am convinced no other venue compares to running in the outdoors, and I’ve found no terrain as elating as running barefoot on the beach, under a blue sky, with the deep blue sea in the distance.  Ahhhhh.  This does something to my Spirit that makes me feel like I am soaring, even under the simmering sun here in South Florida.

In this society, we spend most of our days at home or at work under artificial fluorescent light.  We shun the sun, like it’s a plagues, and the outdoors, like it belongs only to the homeless and the bum. Many people spend most of their days between the car, work, car, and back home.  Children today barely get much sunlight as their parents, spending most of their time in their homes, in bus, at school, and back to the house.  Video games, TV, internet, and playing games on cell phone consumes the time of many young ones today.  There is even the Nintendo video game (Wii???) that teaches them to play or exercise indoor right in front of the TV!  The best memories I have from my childhood days was spending time outdoor hiking, playing soccer (football), swimming, bugging the hell out of my late great Uncle Lionel, and running around playing hide and seek in the bright of day.

Sure we should be cautious to avoid over-exposure of sunlight, but the benefits of a decent or moderate amount of sunlight are many.  Some of which are:

  • Sunlight converts a certain cholesterol in the skin to Vitamin D which helps with calcium absorption and may help prevent myriads of chronic diseases such as some cancers, osteoporosis, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), high blood pressure, etc.
  • Sunlight is not only generous to the plants by give them energy, but it also boosts our level of energy as well
  • It has a way of enhancing the mood, complexion, and overall well-being of a person.
  • Helps you sleep better better at night after the sun sets–to get the beauty rest we all  crave and need so much
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • It boosts memory and alertness during the day
  • It boosts your metabolism and aids in weight loss!

Researchers discovered a photo-receptors they claim detects blue light in the natural light to wake you up, increase your alertness, boosting concentration and creativity.   If blue light has been proven to be stimulating and helps boost productivity as researchers are claiming, I thought, why not give it a try in the hospitals?  Many day shift nurses wouldn’t mind a hospitals turn the light down low–and blue–for the night shift nurses so all the work will be done when we take report from them in the morning! Sounds like a good idea to me.

When at night I am tired and have to write, I turn on the blue light lamp and the sleep disappear like cockroaches do when the light in a New Orleans alley is turned on.  If you are an artist and you use an artificial blue light to help keep you alert, concentrated, and creative, please do so with caution.  Too much blue light, like too much sunlight, could have a few possible side effects.  For one, it may take a longer time to fall asleep afterwards (it has a way of delaying melatonin secretion), and it may also cause nausea, which did happen to me once.   My eyes oftentimes feel weary and irritated when I spend a long time in front of the computer and in the artificial white light.  I do not  experience these symptoms when working under the artificial blue light.

I know of a mother who makes her children play outdoor comes sunshine or snow. :)

OYE! (This word is purposefully blue to grab your attention to “Listen.”) Running in nature and under natural sunlight could have many health benefits.   Moderate sunlight is one of the best medicines to help one live a high spirited and healthy lifestyle.  Humans are designed to enjoy the outdoors.  If you are having an ugly day and feeling funky, treat these conglomerate of symptoms with a nice run or walk in nature–or at park or at a botanical garden.  If you are a conscious and receptive soul, you will find so many things like flowers, trees, and other element in nature enjoyable.  It’s hard to have a dull moment when you are exploring the outdoors, even if you are blind.  Today I am headed to the beach to get my fix of salt water, sand, blue sky, and sun.  Will run then bask in the spectrum of light the brilliant sun offers.  Write us and let us know how you feel running or exercising under the natural and beautiful sun.